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July 22, 2015

"Readers For Life" Literacy Autographing, RWA Conference
Book Signing Open to Public
5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
New York Marriott Marquis, New York, NY

September 17, 2015

Guest Speaker, Upper St. Clair Fall Tea
Reservations Required
Upper St. Clair Library, Upper St. Clair, PA

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Last Minute Gift Guide for Your Romance Reader Friends and Family

Thursday, December 19th, 2019
Books make perfect last minute gifts. The only problem is which one to give.
That’s easy to solve too. 
Here’s a mini gift guide to giving friends and family a warm, seductive Christmas read this season.

For those who can’t get enough of Christmas–food, music, tinsel…and stories

For those who like powerful dukes who are all business in the day but insatiable at night

Most Dangerous Duke in London
A Devil of a Duke
Never Deny a Duke

For those who know family means accepting you for who you are and loving you no matter what

The Wicked Trilogy
His Wicked Reputation
Tall, Dark and Wicked
The Wicked Duke

For those who like books about women defying societal expectations

The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne
The Conquest of Lady Cassandra
The Counterfeit Mistress
The Accidental Duchess

For those who like books about women making their own ways at a time that wasn’t done

Ravishing in Red
Provocative in Pearls
Sinful in Satin
Dangerous in Diamonds

For those who like medieval time period romances

By Arrangement
By Possession
By Design
The Protector
Lord of a Thousand Nights
Stealing Heaven
This year, you can easily give the gift of a great story with surprising characters, intriguing plots and rich settings…the perfect present.

Comment Here and Be Entered in a Giveaway for a Kindle Fire to Celebrate the Publication of The Accidental Duchess on June 3!!

Monday, May 26th, 2014

The winner of the Kindle Fire is Tammy S!! (chosen by blind number picker) I will be contacting her by email.

We had 374 entries! Thank you, everyone, for sharing your “accidents” as part of my celebration of the publication of The Accidental Duchess.




The title of The Accidental Duchess refers to a series of situations in the book that throw Lydia and the Duke of Penthurst together, much to Lydia’s dismay. She has a mission to complete and he keeps interfering, unaware of the trouble he is causing her. Finally he interferes at time she really needs help, but they both end up compromised. So Lydia finds herself a duchess essentially by accident. It is an accident that leads to something wonderful, however.

Life is full of accidents— those developments that are unplanned and unforeseen, that can have conclusions least expected.  Luck or chance play their roles in everyone’s life. Ideally the accidents are happy ones, and we look back on them fondly. Sometimes they are not fortunate, but as with Lydia’s marriage to Penthurst, they lead to good things in the end.

What about you? Have you experienced accidents that made a difference in your life? Share one here in a comment (or comment in some other way), and be entered into a random drawing for a Kindle Fire (apps for B & N and Kobo can be side-loaded, so it can serve all ereaders’ libraries.) Giveaway ends June 6.

This is to celebrate The Accidental Duchess, coming June 3. If you have not ordered your copy yet, but would like to,  links to online vendors can be found in the left margin of this page <—–

JUNE  7 UPDATE:  I have turned off the comments because the giveaway is over. Thank you, everyone, who participated! The stories about your accidents that led to good things were amazing. I read them all, and some of the experiences really touched me, or made me laugh, or left me so impressed with how life works its magic. Again, Thank YOU.

The winner will be drawn and posted later today.


Note from Madeline – December 2013

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of The Counterfeit Mistress! It made the USAToday list during a very competitive month. I am also grateful to all of you who wrote reviews of it at the various online sites.

Cover reveal! The fourth and final book of The Fairbourne Quartet will be released June 3. It is titled The Accidental Duchess. Readers have already met the two main characters, the proud Duke of Penthurst and Lydia, the Earl of Southwaite’s “problem” sister. Doesn’t the cover look light and fresh? I love it.

Happily on the shelf, and a self-proclaimed “woman of the world,” Lydia hides secret dreams, grief, and unorthodox ideas behind an enigmatic, unrevealing expression. Readers, however, have glimpsed the real Lydia in the ways she interacts with Emma and Cassandra in earlier books. Restless and hungry for excitement, and rebelling against the constraints put on her by society and her family, she has recently taken to gambling, and shown uncanny luck at the tables. When she finds herself in need of a large amount of money, fast, she takes up a wager from the duke, one that she assumes she will win. With one draw of the cards, however, her whole future will change.

Penthurst has known Lydia her whole life. In fact, upon her birth, his aunt and her mother made a pact that the two of them would marry, a bit of antiquated nonsense that he publicly repudiated upon inheriting the title when he was fifteen. He has had little contact with Lydia in recent years, and she is not too demure to explain that the reason is because she does not like him one bit. Suddenly, however, he finds himself rescuing her from one disaster after another and getting little thanks for his trouble. When she creates a situation that accidentally compromises her, the only solution is marriage. Lydia is the only woman in the world who does not want to be a duchess, however. He almost has to drag her to the altar.

An unruly young woman. An arrogant duke. A marriage of obligation. A duel with reasons and consequences no one has guessed. A cunning blackmailer and the burden of secrets— The Accidental Duchess follows the rocky path, sometimes poignant and sometimes hilarious, that these two people trod toward trust and love. An excerpt will be up in a month. It is available for preorder now.

Other news— You may have learned that The Goddess Blogs, in which I participated, has ended. You will find me around and about in cyberspace, visiting other blogs and being more active on Facebook and other social networks. You can “Like” me on Facebook here.

I am hard at work planning my next series, which will be a trilogy. There will be no reveals on that until I know I have it nailed down the way it will remain. It is always exciting for me to start a series, however, so I am having fun world-building and creating characters.

If you are a member of my Parlor Talk group, you should have received a mailing of your requested bookmarks, along with a little charm themed to The Counterfeit Mistress. If you signed up and requested bookmarks, and did not get an envelope, contact me through any of the links on my site that allow you to send me a message. Any reader can join Parlor Talk here.

If you are reading this in December, have a good holiday season! And everyone have a Happy New Year!



October 1-4, 2020

Romancing the Gold Coast, Waltz Back In Time
The Mansion at Glen Cove, Glen Cove, NY. Please see for details.


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