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July 22, 2015

"Readers For Life" Literacy Autographing, RWA Conference
Book Signing Open to Public
5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
New York Marriott Marquis, New York, NY

September 17, 2015

Guest Speaker, Upper St. Clair Fall Tea
Reservations Required
Upper St. Clair Library, Upper St. Clair, PA

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Kindle Fire Giveaway!
September 28th, 2015

Update! The winner (royal1) has been chosen and I am still awaiting a reply to my email contacts.  If I do not hear soon, I will be picking another winner. So there may be yet another update early next week.

I am giving away a new edition Kindle Fire (8gb, wifi) to one reader! This promotion runs from September 28, 2015 until October 16, 2015, at 11:59 pm.

Just respond to the following prompt:

Kindle fire 8 gb wifiIn Tall, Dark and Wicked, Padua remains loyal to her father, even when her father seems to repudiate her. Have you ever been in a situation where you either received or gave loyalty to someone above and beyond what might be expected? Post your comment/response below to be entered in the giveaway!

(Small print–Sorry, but I am obligated to post this. Void where prohibited by law or regulation. Due to regulatory and shipping issues, this is open only to USA residents. No purchase necessary to enter. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Winner will be notified via the email address associated with their post, and must respond within 72 hours, or another winner will be chosen. All decisions regarding winners made by Madeline Hunter are final. No substitutions or cash equivalents for the prize.)

445 Responses to “Kindle Fire Giveaway!”

  1. Heather says:

    You posed a fantastic question. I’m really looking forward to reading all of the responses as I’m sure there are some extraordinary stories out there. My story isn’t grand in scale, but it was memorable and meaningful to me. I’m a reader and was lucky enough to attend a large author/reader book convention several years ago. I didn’t know a soul there and found myself quickly overwhelmed. I’m a quiet person at the best of times, but found my shyness near crippling at being completely out of my comfort zone. I met two authors on the second day that turned the whole experience around. I found that they watched for me and called me over at every single event over the remaining days and always saved a seat and invited me to sit with them. There were well over 500 attendees at the convention and, them being authors, they certainly had their own commitments and agendas to fulfill. It was truly above and beyond for them to spend the time and show such a loyalty to ensuring essentially a stranger’s happiness and comfort. We’ve never gotten to meet again, but I still chat with both of them and I’ve always been thankful for the great memories I have from that weekend due to their kindness.

    Best wishes to you and congratulations on book 2 of your trilogy!

    • Teresa Williams says:

      I have always been loyal and faithful to my husband of 42 years.I got pregnant when I was 15 after going with him a year Got married the first week he went on a day church trip with an old girl friend.After that caught him at drive inn with girl .I had another child when I was 26 and he was late getting us from hospital because of running after some body his sister knew she set him up several times during our marriage.Then 6 weeks later caught him off with my best friend .There were several other times but I’ve always been loyal to him.About 6 years ago he retired and he started being good to me but he’s impotent so I get crapped on again.I’m still here and will be to the end.I’m to old to leave now.He doesn’t deserve me but I’m faithful and good to him

    • I have and love all Madeline Hunter’s books. I cannot wait until I read the next one. Her books kept me going in so many sad and difficult times when my husband was in a coma a spent over 3 years in a nursing home and hospitals. Every day I will go to the hospital and stay near him reading these beautiful stories. Thank you Madeline!

  2. La Vonne Yates says:

    I have given loyalty above and beyond what was expected,and have been hurt on all occasions by this. So now, I keep my heart close to my chest and the only people I give that kind of loyalty too, are my children. It may have been the way I was raised, which was not in the best of way or maybe I would not be so closed hearted. But, to give yourself heart and sole to someone only to be have them rebuke you is so devastatingly crushing, that it changes you as a person. I don’t wish that kind of hurt on anyone.

  3. Linda LaPoint says:

    I value loyalty, rather it be given or received. I think it is such a beautiful gift of yourself to give someone. I will be loyal to someone, and will not be otherwise, unless they prove to me that it is of no value to them, whatsoever…and in that case, there will be hurt, uncertainty and an unsettling of the heart, that will take awhile to mend…and still I will be torn. Loyalty is a part of the love and respect you have for someone and should not be taken lightly.

    Thank you for this wonderful chance to win a Kindle and I wish you much success and blessings!

  4. Donna Killian says:

    Wonderful chance to win….thank you
    Yes I have and sometimes it didn’t work out, but I have faith in people.

  5. Jennai says:

    We have to be careful who we devote ourselves to, especially if we expect that person to reciprocate. Being loyal is a great quality, it just needs to be channeled appropriately.
    It hurts when we’ve been loyal to someone and they betray us. When we reamin loval and devoted to someone who does not appreciate it, the truth is, we are remaining loyal to our own hopes and expectations for that person and not necessarily being loyal to that peson. And to answer your question, yes, I have been overly loyal to someone and been hurt, but I learned from it. And it didn’t stop me from being loyal to someone else at another time. Not everyone will hurt you or betray your loyalty. It’s worth it when you do this and someone appreciates it. Don’t lose faith in people.

  6. Eleanor Bolen says:

    Yes I have and it didn’t turn out well. Live and learn.

  7. Maureen says:

    Yep, been there, done that. Too loyal at times, yes, but I decided that’s what I want(ed) to be, and do I really regret it, no. One thing that saved me, I believe that being loyal always involves doing the right thing, even if it may “seem” disloyal.

  8. Lori Allman says:

    I have experienced the heartbreak of having what I thought was a true friend take advantage of my loyalty and love. It was devastating. But I have also had the blessing of a wonderful friend that always goes above and beyond anything I could ever expect. So blessed in so many ways!

  9. Livia Nowlin says:

    Well, my father abused my mother both emotionally and physically when I was growing up. It was at my insistence at 12 years old that my mom finally agreed to leave him. We packed in secret and moved one day. He eventually found us by stalking her at work and following her back to our new home. He was a very controlling and not so nice man back then. I hated each time they tried to reconcile and yet my mom insisted that I maintain a relationship with him in spite of it all. So to this day, even after my parents finally got a divorce 10 years after that first legal separation and many reconciliation attempts, I still call my dad weekly and keep in touch with him. I know many people who would not have bothered so I do consider it a case of staying loyal to a parent in the face of bad behavior that encouraged the opposite.

  10. Anne Wright says:

    I was very loyal to my director at work. I tried to do what he asked of me even when I was not longer in his organization. He had given me opportunities to advance in the company that I otherwise would not have had. A few years later there was a major shake up in the company and he was forced out. I told a friend that I felt bad for him, and she was amazed because she told me he had thrown me to the wolves. I hadn’t even realized he was one of the people who had done so.

    I value loyalty and trust very highly. But I am more cautious in the work environment because there is something about the competitive nature about striving to get ahead that seems to lead to disloyalty I guess.

  11. Karon McCulloch says:

    Every job I’ve ever had I’ve gone above and beyond for my employer, even if I didn’t receive recognition or reward for doing so.
    My ex disowned his children when they were in their teens because they refused to turn their backs on me. When they were in their late 20s, he came back into their lives and they make overtures all the time towards him, but are still frequently ignored. During the years that he didn’t acknowledge them, I wrote to him frequently and sent pictures, trying to get him to realize they had done nothing wrong and he was missing out.

  12. Delbora DixonGreen says:

    My parents nor the preacher who counseled my ex b husband and I felt we should marry, we did anyway. We stayed together 15 years when he left me without notification and took our 8 year old son with him. Moved over 2000 miles away.

  13. Nancy Byrne says:

    My husband of nearly 40 years has said to me, whenever someone’s words or actions disappoint, “Your problem, Nancy, is that you believe people are inherently good, and when they prove otherwise, you are shocked and saddened! I, on the other hand, wait until people have earned my trust and loyalty. Then, I can call them true friends!” This has not changed my view of people. Although I’ve been disappointed in the past by a few, I’ve many, many more experiences with people who’ve deserved my friendship and loyalty. I wouldn’t want to be a person who distrusts everyone until they “prove” themselves. Guess that’s why they say “Opposites attract!”

  14. Pam Wells says:

    I’m a very loyal person to begin with. The instance that stands out the most to me is my dad. My parents divorced when I was 12. It was a very bitter divorce. When I got to college is when I got to reinvent my relationship with my dad. My mom has taken it hard. While my dad is by no means the perfect dad or grandfather I am sticking with him and supporting his efforts, scarce as they may be.

  15. Sharla L says:

    My family is incredibly dysfunctional but over the years I have tried to stay loyal to my dad. My youngest sister has limited his contact with the rest of the family by shutting his phone off while she is gone during the day and deleting voice mails. I have come to the conclusion I will always love my dad and will pray for him on a daily basis but I will no longer allow my loyalty to him make me suffer at the hands of a sibling who is so petty and jealous as to not allow the rest of us to visit with him.

  16. April Renn says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming release. Love, absolutely love your stories. Now to your question, yes, and in return I was cast aside, after ALL my husband and I done for her and her family 🙁 saddened by the betrayal, but have moved on. It has not stopped me from helping others when I am able. I would still be there for them if needed. She has called, several times to ask advice. But I will never trust her again or feel the way I did toward them. I am not a petty person and to see jealous amongst so called friends 🙁

  17. Jennifer H. says:

    Interesting question! I am in a position at work where I often am the go between. A lot of times it is my job to mediate between people. I had a time last week though were a person above me was putting me in a position to deal with something without telling the direct person that it involved. It was tough for me to stay loyal to my coworker when my boss when asking for me to do something that she thought would help her, but in the end I took the high road and directed her to talk to my coworker directly and offered to help as long as everyone was communicating directly.

  18. Mary Jones says:

    The only people I give that kind of loyalty too, are my childre and my sisters..

  19. Lisa Williams says:

    I’m always loyal to the ones I love.

  20. Moriah says:

    I can’t think of anything specific but can’t imagine anything more special than someone offering unconditional support. Congrats on the new book.

  21. Cecilia Rodriguez says:

    I’m old school about loyalty, but I also try to be optimistic.

  22. etstella56 says:

    I am loyal to a fault and sometimes feel like a doormat. I’ve got over 300 ebooks, just waiting for a device to read them on. My phone is too little and the desktop too big, a kindle fire would be just right. Gee, I sound like Goldilocks…lol

  23. Debra Simning-Chapman says:

    During and after our separation and divorce, my ex-husband was loyal to me and our marriage. He wanted us to remain friends and get along for the kid’s sake. I hope I never go through that again, but he was helpful and loyal all the way.

  24. Ann Mettert says:

    I guess my family would count. But I can’t really think of any above and beyond kind of thing.

  25. Glenda Hefty says:

    I’m loyal to close friends and family…learned the hard way to be more careful. I always tend to never see much wrong with anyone and am a bit gullible, or was…not so much anymore.

  26. Cynthia Chase says:

    I am loyal to my husband, family and close friends I am there no matter what obstacles get in the way.

  27. Margie says:

    I was once very loyal to a friend who didn’t deserve it and took advantage of it. I learned that true friends won’t do that.

  28. Laurel says:

    I am very loyal in my friendships and with my family. I truly can’t say there has been a time that I’ve been betrayed or my loyalty abused (at least I don’t remember) so in that aspect I have been very lucky.

  29. Gretchen says:

    No never really happened to me

  30. Belinda G says:

    Yes I have. I had a friend who was accused of a crime which I knew they didn’t commit. I was asked to give a character reference. I was glad to do so because I’ve known this person’s for a long time. They were consistent in their behavior and personality in all the time I knew them. They weren’t capable of this deed. With time and a through investigation they were exonerated. My faith was justified. Go with your gut and stand behind that feeling.

  31. Missie Kelmell says:

    Can’t wait for this new title.

  32. Jennifer Ingman says:

    What a great question! My answer is yes and the people would be my brother and one of my sisters. I have gone above and beyond with both of them, only to be smacked with their cruelty and aloofness. At least I can say I tried and I have the friendship, love, and support of my other two sisters.

  33. Barbara Kesterson says:

    I am perhaps too loyal but it’s in my nature. It has gotten me hurt in the past and right now I am going through it once again. This is something I believe I need to work on and start believing that it’s okay to not be loyal to someone who isn’t loyal to you.

  34. Audrey Crothers says:

    I’ve been on the receiving end of disloyalty and it hurts but I’ve also been on the giving end of mistrust and disloyalty and I have to tell you that it’s no place to be. I never want to be there again. Loyalty and trust is everything in life

  35. Dorotha Holloway says:

    It seems to be a common thread. The workplace seems to be mostly a breeding ground for jealousy, or just plain misunderstandings. I witnessed how this comes into play several years ago where because of fear of reprisal, or just plain mean spirit, I had to leave a well paid job I really liked.
    It still pains me to know that it isn’t an unusual situation.

  36. Kelley Morrow says:

    I am a very loyal person and only to family and friends that deserve it and I always do my best to deserve loyalty that is giving to me. Loyalty is like respect I believe it’s earned. Congratulations on the release!!!

  37. Kay Martinez says:

    Yes, I’ve been too loyal and hurt because of it, but I choose to believe the best about people until they prove me wrong. I think I’ve become wiser with age & experience about who to trust & who to be more cautious about, but life is to be lived and what kind of life would it be if we can’t love & embrace all life offers?

  38. Anne says:

    When I was eighteen, I worked with a woman who was at least 30 years older. She got me involved in her whacked out life and I kept trying to help her. I now realize she liked being the “victim” and the attention that came with it and had no intention of trying to better her situation.

  39. Jennie Knight says:

    It wasn’t until I was an adult when I understood that my parents were not able to show me love. They didn’t express their love for each other in front of any of us kids. My mother was very manipulative and talk my brothers.

  40. Kim M says:

    I wish I could say I was never betrayed by anyone I trusted but thankfully most people currently in my life are loyal to a fault.

  41. Fannie Wiggins says:

    I had a friend who was going through a bad time. She had offended all the rest of her friends. I stuck with her even when she didn’t talk to me for 3 years. She came to me and apologized and for 5 years we did everything together. About a year before she died, she got mad at me again about a perceived hurt. Then about a week or so before she died, she call me crying and asked me to forgive her. I was her only friend when she died but she didn’t die alone because I was there with her to the end. When I look back is there anything I would change? No. She was my friend period. R.I.P. Marilyn.
    Thanks for the chance to win a Kindle Fire and congrats on the new book. Good stuff on both counts.

  42. Alexandra says:

    I can completely relate with Padua’s daddy issues! My own father is an overbearing drill sergeant of a sire who gets angry and scary at the drop of a a hat but, he’s my father. No refunds, no returns. So I try, every single time, to give him another chance even when I know how it will turn out. And I’ll always have his back no matter what. I will say distance (a state away) has made loving him and supporting him easier. He’s not all bad. He has and continues to support and love me too. Just don’t ask him to help pack your car or, god forbid, drive you anywhere! (It’s his way or the highway!) 🙂 Thank you for this generous giveaway! I’s so excited for Tall Dark & Wicked!!

  43. Jane Nelson says:

    I am a loyal person by nature. It comes to me very easily when it’s something that I care about. Saying that though, I have been hurt and disappointed more than I care to remember. It’s very difficult when you give your loyalty and get it stomped on. I have learned over the years to hesitate before taking a chance on handing over my loyalty to anyone.

  44. Danielle D says:

    Over the years many times my friends have come to me in my time of need and me to them. Loyalty can be having your back at work. If you are loyal to me you have a friend for life……mess with me or my family and you are no longer my friend.

  45. CrystalGB says:

    Yes, I have but it didn’t work out well.

  46. Becky L says:

    I always strive to be loyal, even if it back fires. During the divorce proceedings of my first marriage I tried to be loyal to the family as a whole. I wanted my daughter to be assured that his side of the family stilled loved her. Unfortunately they tried to use her as a pawn. That’s where I draw the line. Mess with me all you want, I’m a grown up. Mess with my baby and you just screwed up.
    Apparently his family has issues.
    In work I am always loyal to my employer. They provide my paycheck and while I am in their employ they deserve nothing less than my loyalty.

  47. Elois Lloyd says:

    Yes, and it didn’t end well.

  48. Karla says:

    As many on here have stated, I have always been a very trusting individual, believing in the best of people even after many devastating blows.

    I try to tell myself to be more cynical, more cautious, but in the end my nature rules and I end up paying the price. Being the youngest girl of 5 girls and 1 boy, I was always paying for mistakes made by my older sisters, while experiencing the double standard for the only son who could do no wrong regardless of what he did. The failure of the people who should have protected me was a devastating blow that has affected my entire life. Constant criticism and lack of support led me to a point where, for self preservation, I cut of all communication with my family for a number of years.

    Communication with my Family was re-established shortly after the birth of my son over 26 years ago and in that time I’ve seen the reverting to old habits where the criticism is constant and the support is nil by my parents. My siblings have each pulled nasty tricks that cause me to stop communicating with them, again.

    Now that my parents are older and in need of more support and care, the only one they can count on to be there for them is me, even though I live 2000 miles away. And the sad thing is having to constantly listen as they tell me what they are doing for my siblings but for me there is only criticism.

    It’s tough and some days I want nothing more than to withdraw again. But they are my parents and they won’t be around too many more years. I would rather have memories to look back on and know I did the right thing than look back with regret.

  49. Ann I says:

    Fabulous giveaway…thanks for the chance. I have given my, and been given, loyalty. Most times it has turned out well.

  50. Make Kay says:

    2 of the guys that I worked with in another state definitely demonstrated loyalty above and beyond to each other and to me. I am grateful to them every day for their noble actions. Both have since passed away,

  51. Patti Verburg says:

    Would love to have this to read all your books on. What a wonderful gift for you to give to someone. These books sound wonderful and I will be buying the first in the series and then pre-ordering the second one as well.

  52. Michelle Lilly says:

    I literally am the go to gal! I’m loyal to all my friends. I do whatever it takes to help the people in my life. My biggest loyalty would have to be to my ex boss. She has a ton of family that live close to her but when she had her stroke none of them would help out. I put my entire life on hold and helped her rehabilitate to a functional level with pleasure.
    I may be a loyal friend but I believe she is an inspiration to us all…

  53. Julie says:

    Looking forward to the new book! Yes I have given a tremendous amount of loyalty to a husband who has strayed from our marriage. But I have realized that I also deserve loyalty and soon will free to pursue that. Thank you for the opportunity for this give away.

  54. Yes, I have received loyalty above and beyond what was expected from a few of my dear friends of which I’ve neglected at times because when I’m going through things I sometimes keep to myself, but they always reach out to me and show me kindness, generosity and love. I am so very thankful and grateful to have such wonderful friends. In fact, I’m going to go call one of them right now. ( :

  55. Mary T says:

    I think I am a very loyal person. Never thought of loyalty in terms of quality and quantity.

    There have been times in my life when I have stuck by the person even when I could not support their actions. Just thought of it as love more than loyalty.

    This book sounds really interesting.

  56. dawna says:

    I have not,I have had a great life with loving family and friend

  57. Nancy Revak says:

    I am loyal to my family and close friends. My only daughter (only child) is the person I am most loyal too and have gone above and beyond many times. It does, occasionally, get in the way with my relationship with my husband. He is loyal to her as well, but a mother/daughter relationship surpasses even what I have with my husband. She is always first and always will be.

    Congratulations on the new book, I look forward to reading it.

  58. linda wasko says:

    i have been a loyal mother and wife. my children are my world and i would do anything for them.

  59. Vicki H says:

    I am loyal to a fault. So yes, many times I have gone above and beyond what most people would. I haved defended my husband more times than he deserves and always will. Same goes for my kids!!!

  60. Lori byrd says:

    I would like to think I am loyal to all my friends and family.

  61. Callie Cuddy says:

    I have given loyalty far above what most people deserve. I’ve been married twice, always pushed them to do their best, always stood by their side, did everything possible to make sure they knew I was there to stay. In the end, they both showed that their loyalty wasn’t worth the piece of paper we got.
    Now I’m just trying to find someone with that loyalty to me.

  62. Michelle McCall says:

    Loyalty, such a heavy word. Honor, courage, commitment all belong will it. It don’t think I truly knew the meaning until I earned the Title of United States Marine. Loyalty is something I thought I understood as a child, teenager and young adult. No, I learned it on Paris Island. Has been broken of course that is life but I learned to dust myself off and move on. The fence will still rust, the tides will still change and life will move forward. Loyalty is a gift I treasure and if it is bestowed upon me I hold it close.

  63. Stacie says:

    No I only give loyalty to my family husband and kids.

  64. cheryl c. says:

    I value loyalty, and in most cases I have given and received in equal amounts. I am fortunate that I have only had a few cases where lack of loyalty was hurtful to me.

  65. Shelly W says:

    Yes have given my loyalty, but seem to be the one that gets bitten in return most times.

  66. Britney says:

    I am very loyal to those I call family or friends. It has bitten me in the butt a time or two, but overall I feel like I’d rather risk the bad in order to be there for those I care about. Great question! It really made me do some thinking about myself.

  67. Terri Rinko says:

    I have given my loyalty to friends and family and always feel short changed that I do not feel the same loyalty in return. When I give loyalty to a stranger, then it is reciprocated. Why I ask myself? Then I say I will be rewarded for my showing of loyalty! Maybe I am not being loyal enough or to the degree they want? I do the best I can with the cards I am dealt with. That’s all a person can do. Thanks for the great question!

  68. Rebekah E. says:

    I am very loyal to family, unfortunately it hasn’t always worked out for me.

  69. Paula Kabbaj says:

    I’m very loyal to friends and family even when we don’t agree. I can only think of one person that I could not remain loyal to because our friendship didn’t mean anything to her.

  70. ghazal mansoor says:

    I believe that we should give some part of ourselves regardless of whether we are returned that sthg or not. We should endeavor to be better in nature and character than the other…only then can we feel somewhat at peace….knowing that we tried. Otherwise, what’s the difference between the one who gives and gives and the one who takes and takes, who is selfish and unfeeling, as if it is their right to take, and not a privilege.

  71. Sylvia says:

    I give my loyalty to family and friends and it is usually appreciated. Occasionally get bitten in the butt – live and learn.

    Looking forward to reading your new book!

  72. Lavern Lindberg says:

    I am always loyal to family and friends. Not so much in the reciprocal. Most often it is family that disappoints, but it seems I am one of the first they call when they need help.

  73. Barbara S. says:

    I am loyal to my family. They’re the best.

  74. Kate Sparks says:

    I’ve worked many places that expect loyalty but don’t return it… I usually don’t work there long. Family gets mine.

  75. Beverly Ross says:

    Yes I have ! It’s very much a part of who I am ! I’m a very loyal loving person! I put my grandmother above everything else and I’ll never be sorry about it! Even though once she passed one if my other cousins (the one who never called or visited one time in 4yrs! ) tried accusing me of only staying there to rob my grandmother blind! It hurt my feelings very much but I don’t have room in my life for hate or negativity so I just looked at her said I feel sorry for you and I will never see or speak to her again! Our of six people she was the only one who had anything to say like that! So I can feel good about myself and the fact that I put my grandmother above all else and knowing that she received excellent care and I had so much fun spending time with her like I used to when I was a little girl!!

  76. Bonita H. says:

    It is said that you learn by mistakes…..but I guess I’m stubborn and refuse to give up on people. I try to live by the “Golden Rule” and take the “high road” but I’ve been cut to the bone a number of times. So.. I cry, put on my happy face and meet the world with a smile.

  77. Caitlin Melia says:

    I think it is part of human nature to want to trust. Babies inherently trust those who hold them to not hurt them and to take care of them. As we develop and grow up we learn when not to necessarily instill trust, but when to recognize trust and loyalty should not be sustained. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. This is, of course, easier to apply to non loved ones and friends and family where other factors are involved.

  78. Nancy says:

    I tend to believe people, whether that is good or bad.

  79. Becca Z says:

    I really can’t think of a situation either receiving or giving. I have faked remaining loyal 🙂
    Most people I interact with practice forgiveness as part of our spiritual beliefs, so maybe that keeps people loyal in general, being able to give and receive forgiveness.

  80. Jann Audiss says:

    Yes, I have a very close friend who has been by my side for several years giving me more support than I could ever imagine.

  81. Justine says:

    Yes, of course. But I forgive and forget.

  82. LilMissMolly says:

    I’ve had several bosses I did not respect but was loyal before their bosses.

  83. Pat Viglione says:

    I have done in the past and have been burned a few times. Still, I do not regret having given my loyalty, because it came from my heart. If I had a situation come up where I was put in the same position I would give my loyalty again. I follow my heart in these things, and if I know a good friend needs my support and loyalty then I will give it. I cannot let the past influence my present in regards to actions of the heart, and giving loyalty to someone is definitely an action of the heart.

  84. Joye says:

    I am loyal to those who have earned my loyalty and respect. Sad to say, there are a lot of people who did not meet those qualifications. However, my dogs have ALWAYS earned my loyalty

  85. Debra Kraft says:

    We named our oldest son after my husband’s best friend 12 years ago, in honor of their friendship. When our son was about 5 years old and our younger son was 2 we were on our way home from visiting relatives and ran out of gas. It was early August in Des Moines, IA and very hot and humid. So we called our son’s namesake, who lived in Des Moines, to see if he could come and help us, because we were on the outskirts of town with no gas station around. To our shock, he said he couldn’t come help us because he was in the middle of making a batch of salsa. We couldn’t believe it. Instead a nice couple who was on their way home from the State Fair stopped and gave my husband a ride to get some gas and brought him back to our vehicle. It’s still amazes me that strangers can be kinder than those you consider your friends.

  86. Mary Pitkin says:

    I had two friends while my kids were growing up.. I knew that if I asked..they would be there. For example, I was out of town and my son was stung by a bee. He had reactions in the past. Called my friend and she drove to our house immediately. Hopefully I’ve been as a good a friend back. The other friend called me once to ask if I’d go sit with her daughter whose car had broken down at an intersection near my house. I didn’t think twice. Those are the friendships you cherish.

  87. Wilma Frana says:

    I’ve been loyal to people, but some have not returned that loyalty. That’s their choice, I guess.

  88. Sandyg265 says:

    I can’t think of any time that’s happened.

  89. DeeAnn S says:

    I find that loyalty is an emotional roller coaster. Family is the hardest to handle because, well, they’re family. With friends, you can always walk away after a really bad situation. Family? Not so much! I’ve been very fortunate in not having to go above and beyond with family or my friendships. I do my best to be loyal and faithful to all my family and friends, and do what I can to help them.

  90. Casey Britton says:

    I have given loyalty almost blindly in the past and it has burned me before. But once I care about someone, I find it really hard to not give them my loyalty even when it sometimes isn’t deserved. It takes a lot to finally burn a bridge with me, but when someone means that much to you it isn’t always easy to just give up even when you should.

  91. Kathy O says:

    There are times when I go above and beyond and get burned, but most of the time I get the reward of helping someone. My niece was having a rough time and I helped out with food and money to get her through the hard time. Knowing that she is okay is my reward. I had to help my neighbor with a very hard decisions on her mother’s health care and to know that someone can depend on me makes me happy for going beyond.

  92. Susanna K. says:

    I steadfastly supported a friend while she dealt with various issues, never judging her decisions or criticizing her behavior. I helped her out financially when I could; put up with her picking and choosing when it suited her to be friends with me; her canceling out on plans at the last minute; her sarcasm; and at times her nastiness. When I recently made the decision to not invite her to an event because I knew she could not afford it and I was not able to front the money I was subjected to a series of nasty messages and bad-mouthed to other friends. She has now decided that I am not worthy of being called a friend and cut off all contact. I will not reach out to her nor I will I respond should she once again decide she wants to be friends. I’m done with the drama and want to devote myself to the people in my life who do deserve my loyalty.

  93. JeanMP says:

    Yes, and it didn’t turn out well.

  94. Mary Ann says:

    I certainly believe that us more fortunate people need to help others who are not as fortunate. I believe that the less fortunate do not want to be in those circumstances so I think we have an obligation to be helpful if we can.

    I thank God for giving me parents who raised me to be a help to others!

  95. Patricia Treskovich says:

    Yes, I was loyal to someone who took advantage of my loyalty. It was a disaster.

  96. I was loyal to someone once, and just a misunderstanding from a third party saying something to them, ruined a relationship. So I very rarely give my loyalty to anyone, besides a close family member.

  97. Barbara Hoehne says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever remained loyal to someone overly long. On the other hand, I wasn’t always wise when I was younger, so there may have been something I’ve forgotten.

  98. Lily B says:

    Yes, family is one of the most important people for me to stay loyal too no matter their flaws. I have had friends that I stayed loyal too for far longer then I probably should have.

  99. Shelby F. says:

    Yes, there have been many instances where my loyalty has been asked for and given freely above what would and should have been expected. Unfortunately, in each of those circumstances, trust and faith was broken and it’s jaded me in future dealings. Now, pros and cons are considered before jumping in with both feet.

  100. Ava Johnson says:

    I was the manager of a pizzeria. where I hired and trained the staff. I received a call from the owner where he accused the workers with out evidence of stealing the pizza cheese and stated that they all had to be fired. I knew my staff well and was confident that they were innocent and stated that if my workers were being accused and were to be fired then I would loyally stick by them and quit as I trusted them completely.

  101. Great giveaway would love to win

  102. Gail Hurt says:

    Yes I have have been loyal to friends and family, sometimes it has been good other times not so good. I have taken care of my father in law when he was in bad shape and also my mother in law when she was injured.

  103. catslady says:

    Even to my detriment, I am loyal to a fault. I was in the business world for about 15 yrs. and totally got walked on but still I remained loyal. I’ve done the same in my marriage. And to some relatives. I guess I just refuse to give up. I can’t even bring myself to give details.

  104. Jonella Moore says:

    I found your question very interesting, as I seem to always go above and beyond for everyone I help- even perfect strangers! I have the gift of empathy, which enables me to feel what someone else is going through. I am able to discern what type of person someone. Is within minutes of meeting them and can often tell if they are being truthful or deceptive. It can be both a blessing and a curse to be able to read people’s emotions. Sometimes I look forward to meeting someone and am very disappointed when I find out they aren’t sincere or the type of person I was hoping to meet. On the positive side, I often am able to go above and beyond for people that I really know need my help. Rarely does the same be reciprocated to myself. But I guess that is just human nature, and it won’t change me at all.

  105. Susan says:

    I am a daddy’s girl. I have 2 older brothers, so I am the only girl. Nothing cuts me to the quick more than my dad criticizing me. He means well and he always does it with a smile but it doesn’t hurt any less.

  106. K. Beach says:

    Yes, I have. Sometimes they proved worthy, sometimes they did not.

  107. Nancy Luebke says:

    Yes, I have to a good friend and she for me. Life happens that way sometimes.

  108. Barbara Leonard says:

    I am a very loyal friend. I have both given and received exceptional loyalty. On these occasions, the loyalty to and from these people lasts a lifetime.

  109. Karen M says:

    Yes, I tend to stay loyal even when I should walk away

  110. Michelle Fidler says:

    My mother is mentally ill so she’s hard to get along with and will sometimes fly off the handle for no reason. So it’s a difficult relationship with her.

    I’d love to win a Kindle. I could really use it since I don’t even own a computer (I’m at the library now).

  111. Lisa Cowell says:

    I always assume everyone I meet is an honest, straight-forward person. Too trusting and naive, I guess. When I met my husband, he presented himself with all the qualities I looked for in a good mate, but apparently he had quizzed my friends to find out what my priorities were. He pushed to get married right away because he was having difficulty keeping up the charade. Once we were married, he informed me that whatever he had told me before was no longer valid. I stayed loyal to that lying, abusive, cheating sociopath for 22 years until he died. At least, now I can spot an abuser within a few minutes.

  112. Connie Williamson says:

    In the early ’80s I was married to a mentally ill man, a paranoid schizophrenic. Even though it was very hard to stay with this man, I stayed. He beat me, he drank alcohol along with his medications, he verbally abused me, and he scared me. One day, I went to the doctor with him. That doctor told me he was never going to get better, indeed, he would only get worse, and I was going to have to decide if I could stay with him. I had stayed 2 years at that point. I decided that I had to put my own life first, and I left. I still feel for mentally ill people, having been this close to one. But I made the right decision.

  113. Vickie Shaw says:

    I have given out my Loyalty and trust only to have it thrown away because of their lack of caring. Now it is very hard for me to just hand it out. It takes a long time before I trust some one enough to give them my Loyalty just on their self behavior

  114. Janiec says:

    The usual way I show my loyalty and my friends show it is when we still support each other even when we know we’re in the wrong.

  115. Carol says:

    I have been loyal all my life to 4 different husbands and parents. They have all cheated, lied, been physically abusive and/or drank. I have parents who are also mentally abusive to me and always have been. I have just learned to stay away from any emotional attachment and live alone. Read and let the books take me to far away places and live through the characters in the books.

  116. Mary Horner says:

    I always wanted to be close with my sister. I tried many times. Finally I had enough. Her daughter was to be Marie’s and she told me that my grandchildren would not be invited b/c the church and the reception venue were too small. The day of the wedding there were at least 50 children in attendance. We sat in a pew with my brother-in-law’s sister and her grandchildren. This caused a huge hurt in my heart.

  117. Amanda B says:

    I have been very loyal before and I went above and beyond. I was hurt by that person. I felt like they kicked me when I was down. It’s been years and I am still picking up the pieces and they are still kicking me, but I’m trying my hardest to be strong, especially for my two wonderful children. Thank you for this chance at an awesome giveaway.

  118. LSUReader says:

    I value loyalty and I try to show that by how I live. I have been in situations at work, in community service, and in family relationships where my loyalty was tested based on what others chose to do. It’s difficult to not react to the choices and actions others take. But I have to act according to what is true to me. Otherwise, how can I show loyalty to anyone else? Thanks for an interesting post.

  119. Bettie Papajohn says:

    I had what I thought was a dear friend. I found out that many times she stabbed me in the back, all the time telling me I was her bestest friend. I always gave her the benefit of the doubt. Many, many years later after trying to keep in touch, I finally gave up. I just got so tired of being the giver in the friendship with little given back. Loyalty can only be given so long before you need a little loyalty given back to you. In my heart I still love my friend, but I found I needed my self-respect as well.

  120. elizabeth mirabal says:

    Yes, I have. Live and Learn. Great giveaway, can’t wait for this book. Thanks

  121. Caroline Lennek says:

    I have always expected people to be open and honest so I have been burned many times for being too “trusting.” However, I refuse to change because of those few instances where my trust was misplaced. Our greatness lies not so much in never having been knocked down, it’s how many times you have but get up and try again.

  122. sandra says:

    yes, in an attempt to befriend some. not always receptive though

  123. Kristine R says:

    I have given my given loyalty to people many of whom did not deserve it as I always get hurt. I haven’t received loyalty as I found people prefer the get something rather than give it

  124. Maria S says:

    I received some unexpected loyalty and can’t tell you how wonderful that made me feel. Thanks for offering contests for your readers!

  125. Sandra says:

    I spent several years giving my loyalty, my service, my friendship and my heart to a couple in ministry at my church. Whatever they asked of me, I did willingly … and often times, I offered to help when I saw it was needed but they did not ask. In the end, though, I realized that it was not a reciprocal friendship and when their need of my help was over, so was the friendship. I still love them, they are great people … but it was rather hurtful to realize what others had been trying to tell me all along…that the loyalty ran only one way and that they were using me because of my willingness to help and to serve.

  126. Earlene Gillespie says:

    I have given loyalty to people who it turned out didn’t appreciate it or deserve it. I try to live my life as an honest person and not do any harm to another and have not always had good things returned, but you can’t let that stop you. It would be a lonely existence with out other people in your life. It also makes the people in your life that more important.

  127. clynsg says:

    I think it is the rare and lucky person who has not experienced that in some way, either in a small or very large matter. In most cases, I consider myself fairly lucky concerning loyalty, but that does not mean there haven’t been situations that have proven that that not everyone has the some concepts of loyalty as I do. They never were horribly detrimental to me, but they did make me much more cautious and unlikely to expect much from others.

  128. Colleen C. says:

    I am always loyal to those that are close to me… the one that went beyond the norm for me was my grandmother… she was my rock and such a huge supporter of me… she gave me strength when others tried to knock me down.

  129. Sandra Lester says:

    Great time for this question. I can now put my story to rest. Loyality has degrees and I always put to much stock in loyality. My friend of many years, broke the rule of being loyal. Even borrowed money from me, planned a lunch with our mutual friends, told me she wouldn’t make it to our meeting that next week, she had a luncheon to go to. This friend saw nothing wrong in not inviting me, telling me about this, or selling me a used purse so she could go.
    A month later, a very similar situation happended to her. She was related it to me, explaining how hurt she had been by this friend. I compared it to what she had done to me, saying that I had felt just as hurt. No, she said that was over and forgotton, it was not the same.
    So loyalality is a fleeting thing to many people, I will just have to throw mine to the wind, and read a book

  130. Melanie C Murray says:

    Yes. To my husband, after he had an affair. My best friend at the time made it a choice between her and him if I took him back. I chose him.

  131. bn100 says:

    yes, I did

  132. Jean Goddin says:

    It is a failing of mine I’m afraid. I should have learned better by now.

  133. Molly says:

    Yes I have been overly loyal and then that person turned on me. So it did not go well.

  134. Pat Freely says:

    I am loyal to my friends. I am loyal to my coworkers. These are people who have been helpful and understanding. I give what I get.
    Congrats on your new book.

  135. Bethie S. says:

    When young, I probably gave loyalty to persons who did not deserve it. But you learn as you age, and with maturity, I think my loyalty has been better placed. Looking forward to the new book!

  136. Sheila Melo says:

    I try to give loyalty to those who have earned it. I have been burned too many times by those who I have been extraordinarily loyal to without receiving the same in return.

  137. Jessica Fox says:

    I am loyal to my friends, but there are lines I won’t cross. A recent of a ruined friendship over me not doing what she expected her “loyal” friends to do. A friend wrote a book and wanted me to write a “good” review to even out the bad review she had recieved. She was so mad because in her mind, that is what a friend was supposed to do for each other out of loyalty. I have a book blog, I have built a reputation for not giving “freebie” stars to spare people’s feelings.

  138. Pat Wilson says:

    I found out through the years loyalty should be given to those who really deserve it.

  139. Ginger Robertson says:


    Yes, like many others I have given my loyalty to others, both family and friends. Also, like some of the others I ended up so disappointed and disillusioned. Sadly, this has made me rethink putting myself out there and giving that loyalty as I’m tired of being so hurt. It’s really sad when you think you are the only person you can trust…

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a Kindle Fire. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  140. Pamala Huffman says:

    I have been burned more time’s than I like to remember.There have been bosses that I’ve stood behind, that when something went wrong would throw the employees to the wolves. Also what I thought a friend that was using me to get close to a close male friend of mine. You just have to Live and Learn. But I still trust too easily. But there is always books like your that make life good. Thanks

  141. Linda Herold says:

    Good question and congratulations on your latest book!
    The first thing that came to my mind when you mentioned loyalty was my 2 cats! I haven’t been feeling well this year and have spent the majority of my time at home. My cats (I inherited both from my daughter) are so loyal. The little one always stays in the same room as me. I just smile when she snores! They are so nice to be around and they give unconditional love!

  142. Chey says:

    Yes I have. It didn’t turn out well.

  143. Rachel B says:

    Yes, I have. IN many ways, I think it is easy to question why a person would stay with Person B, if they seem to abuse their loyalty, but at the end of the day, we don’t know the why of their relationship. In the case of your heroine, it is her father who is abusing her loyalty, and frankly, I know for myself, it would take a heavy abuse of trust – something truly unforgivable and something that would lead to jail time on their part – for me to abandon my family.

  144. Terry Evans says:

    I stay loyal to every person, place or thing I give my heart too. Even if I stand alone I stand unless betrayed. Betrayls do not deter me from future loyalities.. I just turn around and continue forward .

  145. Lisa Sassi says:

    My husband has my loyalty, above and beyond what was said in our wedding vows.

  146. Colleen says:

    I worked for a small company. I had already been doing more and more work as the years went by. The time came where my husband’s clock was ticking and he wanted kids, I was scared getting pregnant would hurt my job. So when I was pregnant, I worked even harder to prove myself invaluable working 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. and more right until I gave birth (and even then they called me at the hospital to ask me about work). Then they laid me off after I came back at 4 months and hired 4 people to replace me.

  147. Lori says:

    I am extremely loyal to those I care about. Sometimes you get hurt but most of the time it is worth it! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  148. theresa says:

    I was just born a loyal person. If you are in the “right” I will defend you to the death. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been knocked down. I just take it with a grain of salt & keep forgiving.

  149. LAMusing says:

    Yes, I have been that loyal. In fact, I recently re-connected with an old friend I demonstrated that loyalty to nearly 30 years ago. We hadn’t seen each other in close to 20 years. We went to lunch and as we parted he brought it up – he said it was the most profound thing and he cherishes that memory of my loyalty and support and that in many ways I saved his sanity by sticking with him.

  150. Lynn F says:

    I was raised to always stay loyal in all that I do and have always adhered to these teachings even when I have been hurt by them. My Mom taught me this trait and in my opinion she is truly the most wonderful woman on Earth. If you knew her you would love her as is visible on a daily basis from her group of dear friends (all ladies she graduated from high school with 50 years ago this year!!) to the number of people in our community that love and adore her and always have kind words to say. My goal in life is to become my Mom. While I hear many of my friends say “Oh No! I’ve become my Mother” I have no fear of this since she is exactly who I want to be!

  151. KG says:

    Yes, loyalty above & beyond to family.

  152. Joy G says:

    I have a sister who at one point in time I would have and had done anything for, unfortunately too many times she took advantage of me.

  153. Debbie Rudder says:

    Yes I have. Sometimes it works well but not always. That’s a part of life

  154. Linda Levine says:

    I am very loyal to my friends. When a friend is in need, I am there. I have one friend who suffers with mental illness and I spent hours many nights on the phone with her trying to get her the help she needed. Even when others would make comments about her behavior, I would stick up for her and tell them to give her a chance. She had no other support and I could see she was in real trouble.

  155. Amy says:

    After my father died, one sister became “crazy” and decided I cannot have contact with her 2 sons until I apologize for something that I did not do (she did to me). I tried but she has cut me out of their lives :(.

    I look forward to your next book – I will have to wait till the local library to check it out as I cannot afford to buy one myself right now as I have become diabled due to my MS.

  156. Linda Reese says:

    No, I’ve never been in a situation like that. Guess I’ve have been lucky in that respect.

  157. Deanna S says:

    I guess I would be that loyal to my family.

  158. Donna Gray says:

    I gave my loyalty to my high school best friend over several years and small betrayals. The turning point was when my life and the life of my child was put in danger with no regard. It was perceived loyalty for something this per s on was never owed or earned.

  159. Helen Gonzalez says:

    I have always tried to go by the old adage of doing unto others as one would want them done unto you/me. But it doesn’t always work out. I try to keep in mind that while others may be able to sleep at night, I know I wouldn’t, and in the end I feel that it’s my actions that I have to live with and not someone else’s.

  160. Jean says:

    Yes I have and was the right thing too.

  161. kateP says:

    As many here have said: yes, to my family. Some friends have been problematic; so I have grown somewhat reserved about offering my loyalty.
    Thanks for the chance to win a Kindle; I’d love to get it for my sister. Looking forward to your new book!

  162. Karen Dieffenbaugher says:

    I guess I am very lucky…I haven’t been faced with this problem….Love this contest and would love to win a Kindle…Thank You

  163. Bonnie Kennon says:

    I have definantely given more respect than should have been received. Like once when a guy asked for something, I gave it just because he was a guy. Why do we do things like this? Then there was this other time that some girl friends of mine asked for me to cover for them, and I did, but when it came time for the same to be done for me, no one was willing.

  164. alice Boni says:

    I have always been loyal to my friends and family and they have always been there for me.

  165. Cheryl English says:

    I have been honest and loyal to people my whole life. I respect others and what opinions they have. I may not agree with them, but I will listen to them. When others are picked on or bullied, I try to defend their honor and help them when in need. We are all here for a reason, no one is perfect. I feel good when I can pay it forward in life to help others. It’s a Wonderful feeling inside and outside.

  166. Have I ever been in a situation where I gave or received locality? Yes, I have given locality and received it back as well as been stabbed in the back for it. I do not give loyalty lightly so when it is treated poorly the other person really has to watch their back. I was taught a good rule of “Screw me once shame on you, Screw me twice shame on me,and I DON’T do she a me on me”

  167. Rachel Larson says:

    Loyalty is something I’ve taught my girls .. In this day and age it’s very hard to be loyal with all the he said she said on the Internet and in school.. So for there whole lives I’ve always asked them have you asked the person about that? Since you never know who or why people say what they do…
    As for family loyalty as we always say family is family you don’t choose them and you don’t have to like them but you will always love them!!!!

  168. erinf1 says:

    I supported a friend when she was accused of infidelity. Her husband was my original friend, but her story/emotion was so convincing that I believed her. Unfortunately, we found out that she was a very accomplished liar and there was a lot of egg on my face after she was finally found out. My friend never forgave me for siding with her over him and our friendship ended. Definitely, learned a lot from that experience 🙁 thanks for sharing!

  169. Crystine Kilpatrick says:

    Yes, I have. I think love and family require it.

  170. Ingrid Jackson says:

    I am always loyal to my children, family members and my best friend who recently passed on.

  171. Deborah D says:

    I have always been a loyal friend to people. Most of the time that isn’t returned but I do not let that stop me from trusting others.

  172. EC says:

    I don’t know when, but my loyalty is well-guarded within myself. How and why it is like that, I’m not sure. I got an idea as to when it may had happened, but maybe it could something else that made me keep my loyalty very near to myself.

    That said, I’m not sure if I remember any events that answers your question. If it had happened to me in my past, I don’t remember.

    The comments in here are also quite informative. I wish the best for everyone for this giveaway.

  173. Crystal S says:

    Oh, yes. I am getting better about this though. Mainly family, like your heroine. It doesn’t seem to matter how they use and abuse me, I always defend them and support them. Cut down some of the relationships with “friends” who only took what I gave without giving in return though. Excited to read your new book, it sounds amazing!

  174. Sara R says:

    I usually give more loyalty than I receive. Most of the time, it doesn’t bother me but then I wonder if deep down it really does, because I’m not very trusting anymore. I would still rather be a giver, not a getter.

  175. Felicia Plastini says:

    I have and I have been deeply hurt and at other times truly appreciated and loved. No matter which way it goes I choose to be the same person I am at heart.

  176. Sharon D. says:

    I believe I am a loyal person to my family and friends. I guess I put loyalty right up there with respect and if you earn my respect, you have my loyalty. For that matter, I am very hopeful that everyone earns my loyalty and respect.
    Looking forward to your new book.

  177. Denise P. says:

    I would much rather give than receive and am an extremely loyal person. This has taught me lessons in life to be careful who I give my loyalty too. Especially to ones you care about because it is easy to get hurt when you do. Live and Learn

  178. Hollie says:

    I would say yes I have to my mother. She has never really seemed to want me around and has even told me that she would have better off if I wasn’t there. But I have always looked out for her, made sure her bills are paid in time, takes her medicine ect. At the end of the day she is my mom and l live her regardless

  179. Collette says:

    I have give loyalty to someone above and beyond what might be expected. I have done it many times. It doesn’t always work out the way I would have like it to but it doesn’t change the type of person I am.

  180. Kelley L says:

    I worked for a security company whose owner was very bad at business (late/short checks, short staffing posts, clueless guards) because the post I was at was managed by an old boss that’s a good friend and she really wanted me there.

  181. Jackie Bentley says:

    I was in this position with my husband. In 2010 hubby became very ill. We had been to hospital in ICU twice in 30 days. Last time he came home, he told me that he decided he was not going back to hospital or get help for illness. The family could not understand this. I did. This was definitely something I wanted to see happen, but I loved him enough to let him go. Loyalty is sometimes hard, but in the end sometimes loyalty is all you can give. I have never regretted my decision lettingy husband go. Times are hard for me but I know my husband had what he wanted in the end. I think loyalty and love are a lot alike.

  182. DEBIJOT says:

    Oh yes, loyalty can be a funny thing. Some people expect it from others, say – family members. Loyalty will be given. But I think everyone has a point where they might, sad as it may be, not be able to give someone that loyalty.

  183. Lesia Chambliss says:

    Great question. Yes I have, to an in-law and it hurts very much in the end when you are betrayed by that person. Unfortunately I didn’t learn the first time because I did it again. I believe I’ve learned my lesson well. I’ll not let it keep me from being loyal to those who do deserve my loyalty though.
    Thanks so much for having this giveaway.

  184. D A Dowell says:

    Yes I have. While it doesn’t always work out when it does, you know you have something very special.

  185. Barry Collins says:

    I have been loyal to a friend of mine I met here when they were here for a short period a few years ago. Sending emails, sky ping and sending pictures. But lately, I I have not been hearing from them as much as I want. I will remain loyal and hopefully it will make a turn. Do miss them though.

  186. Heidi Howard says:

    My father. You are supposed to be loyal to your parents. He pulled me away from good people and tried to alienate me from my brothers and sisters. Never again will that egotistical person have a place in my life.

  187. Shawna Yonts says:

    I gave loyalty to a good friend in my twenties even after she had lost my trust. It is a common tale. she was sleeping with my boyfriend behind my back. While our relationship was never the same, she still had my loyalty when it came to supporting her during a family crisis/death. We are still on speaking terms some twenty five years later and I am still willing to help her in regards to any family situations she may have.

  188. Kirsten says:

    More times than I can count. To me friendships are all about loyalty. I am loyal to the friends I make and I am surprised when it isn’t reciprocated. I get my feelings hurt easily and it is usually because of a betrayal to that friendship. I’ve had a friend steal from me, another that slept with my father, etc. I could say that I never trusted again but that isn’t true. I still retain that feeling of hope and love expecting the same. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t.

  189. LD Slusser says:

    I have remained loyal to a friend made in high school, that many of my then high school friends teased me about. She just left after a two day visit, 20 plus yrs of loyalty on both sides, no regrets.

  190. Andra Dalton says:

    Wow!!! Such a deep question with numerous answers depending on one’s situation. I don’t know if it’s due to how I was raised or just the type of person I am that I’ve always been so loyal to my friends & family or even a random stranger. Yes this has backfired on many occasions but I’ve always been eternally optimistic on these situations that all will work out for the best in the end, sometimes causing my heart to be broken. Looking back though I can honestly say I’d never change a thing because I am who I am & for that I’m proud of my decisions. My dad used to tease me something awful about this saying that I was too nieve or gullible for my own good, but I followed what my heart told me in all instances whether results were good or bad. I choose to call them all learning experiences & grow from it with acknowledgement & move on. Congratulations & many blessings on your new release!!! So excited to see how trilogy ends!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win & good luck to all who enter!!!:)

  191. LaBookchic says:

    Yes, I have received loyalty and because of that trait & many others, I married my Hubby of 16 years! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  192. Shelley Clark says:

    I have always stood by my husband even when he was treating me like I didn’t matter.

  193. Debbie P. says:

    I am loyal to my family, usually go above and beyond, that is just my nature, I would feel awful about myself if I didn’t

  194. Barbara Hill says:

    I try to pray every morning before go out of the house to make me a better person today than I was yesterday. I will give my 100% to help someone, even to the point of putting my own thing on hold, because I know how important it is when I ask them to do something for me. My mom always saying be careful how you treat a person, cause you may be entertaining an angel! It boils down to treat people how you want to be treated! Thanks for the chance to participate!

  195. Dorothy B says:

    I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and treat them as if they would be loyal…true that does not work out all the time.

  196. Ashley Behrens says:

    I have been shown loyalty by my best friend that I’ve known since middle school. My 8 year old son recently had surgery and while he was in the hospital she came to make sure I was ok she’s like a sister to me and loves my son but she wanted to make sure that I was ok. She got me lunch and made me laugh which I really needed. She is a loyal friend who I am profoundly grateful for.

  197. Terry Trahan says:

    Yes, I was loyal to my ex-husband. Stood up for him when others put him down. Unbeknownst to me, he was cheating on me from the first week we were married. Our marriage only lasted 5 years. In hindsight, I wish I had listened to what others were saying about him.

  198. Deena Hooper says:

    Can I just say I can not wait to read this novel. I read your question before I read the book discription and I was already hooked. I think everyone has been in a similar situation. In my case I was trying to help out a former service member when he got out of the Army and needed someonee to rent out his condo that he just bought because he was going back home after his medical discharge. Now that he was out of the military he could not afford both the morgage here and the one on his place back home on his condo there. I had just lost my place because my husband of 16 years had left me and our 2 girls for his new girlfriend and their new baby (and another to come) and her 5 other kids who were still at home and 3 adult children. My husband was refusing to pay child support so I had to find something cheap. I thought I had finally caught a break when my friend offered me his place. So about 15 months later a notice showed up on the door that the house was in forclosure and was being sold. So I asked the supposed friend, and he still wants me to pay him. No way Jose right? So I start checking social media accounts and it seems my rent payments were actually going to trips to Disneyland and eating out 3 times a day among other thing. So now I have to find another home asap. So in the last 3 years I have really learned not to trust people who claim they are friends or loved ones. But at least I have my daughters, my books by my favorite authors and my job with the Army.

  199. Anne Hoile says:

    Occasionally people you choose to be loyal to don’t reciprocate. Just remember you are the better person and keep the faith and goodness inside you. Life will gone on and you will too.

    Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

  200. Nancy Huddleston says:

    Yes, I have watch my husband stand by friends and family and I have stood by him while he gets taken advantaged of. I breaks my heart sometimes because he is so loyal and no one should abuse that gift.

  201. Cheryl H. says:

    Yes. I’ve been loyal when it hasn’t been reciprocated. In a particular instance, I continued my loyalty and friendship (though what my friend did and said was hurtful.) Finally, she was overwhelmed with guilt, so touched and surprised that I chose to defend her rather than respond negatively to her vindictiveness, that she gave me the sincerest apology.

    She’d never experienced loyalty before. and couldn’t believe I stood by her. Since vowing to be a better friend, she made a complete turnaround.

    It’s not easy trusting someone again after betrayal or dishonesty, but sometimes it has its rewards.

  202. Kimberley C says:

    Loyalty is very precious..Unfortunately, I have learned that just because it is given to another person doesn’t mean that it will be returned to you. I found, to my heartbreak, just because you give your heart and loyalty to a spouse, doesn’t mean he will do the same for you.

    The hardest thing to do, and most validating, is to not give up and trust that the next person you give your loyalty(friend or loved one) to will return it to you.

  203. Yes, I can say I am one of those who gives loyalty to many of my relationships only to be spurned in time. I guess I have a trusting heart and I should learn from my experiences. What is sad is one of these experiences involved my brother. If you can’t give trust and loyalty to a family member how can you trust and be loyal to others?

  204. Honey says:

    Loyalty & duty are often conflated. Growing up, my mother often put her emotional needs & the needs of her partners above those of her children. We were all wounded by that. My siblings continue to feel a deep sense of betrayel and neglect. (We all are adults now with families of our own.) At the end of the day, while I too saw a selfish woman, I also saw a complex, conflicted and emotionally insecure person. My siblings have walked away from our mother, cutting whatever ties that bind. She’s in her twilight years now and dementia-addled but I’m still standing–next to her, loyal and dutiful.

  205. Kathy Heare Watts says:

    I would think that at some point in time in every person’s lifetime, they will give loyalty, and sometimes it will be well deserved and received. But also there are times when the person will turn on you. I have seen this in the past few years watching my grandchildren. The oldest girl is a cheerleader and I have watched some so-called-friends do and say mean stuff after acting all buddy-buddy. Nasty text and threats and dividing friendships. But you learn who is true and who is not. Great question. Book sounds amazing.

  206. Amy S says:

    In the past I gave loyalty to a fault. More than not it was thrown back in my face. Then as I got older and (hopefully wiser) I learned that loyalty has to be earned and I do not give it so freely now.

  207. Janet says:

    Yes, I have known a friend who has given loyalty beyond what most have given. She has given of her and her families time to support my family in times of both joy and grief.

    Loyalty is a gift beyond measure.

  208. Katie says:

    I think I always give people more loyalty than they deserve because I care about the people around me deeply. My family is there for me & gives me loyalty but as far as friendships & relationships I’m usually giving more loyalty than I’ve ever received.

  209. kim amundsen says:

    Yes I did and it turned out horrible.

  210. Jeff says:

    I have a friend that I am loyal to even though she is no longer friends with me. I feel that being angry with her in this situation would not be the right way to go. I hope someday that things can get healed between us

  211. Kris T. says:

    I am currently showing loyalty by sticking with my employer until the doors close in just a few more months. Even though I’ve passed on recent job offers, leaving now would be just plain wrong. Here’s hoping more opportunities come my way! Thanks for the chance to win the Kindle Fire. It will come in handy should I find myself with too much time on my hands!

  212. Susan Denice says:

    I felt that I had to confront my friend a week before her wedding and ask her to cancel it unless she could tell me she loved me. I was jeopardizing our long friendship, but I knew he was an unkind person and that once married to him, he would cut her off from her family and friends. She ended up canceling the wedding, he was engaged to another woman within 3-months, and allegations of him beating her came to light. Sometimes being loyal can be challenging and risky, but well worth it in the end. She’s happily in love and married to a wonderful man now.

  213. Theresa N says:

    Loyalty is a big part of who I am always has been. Even as a kid I was loyal to my friends, as an adult people know they can tell me things and I wont repeat it. It’s part of the code of life I live by LOYALTY. I’m always surprised at the number of people who have no idea what that means.

  214. Christie says:

    I don’t give loyalty or respect easily. I believe they should be earned. The only people that I give above and beyond loyalty to is my kids, husband, and parents. But, they give the same to me.

  215. Janet H. says:

    I lent a colleague with a small son over $1,000 for a short term. She never repaid the money and moved away. I could have used the money then, but thought she needed the money more because of her son. My nephew borrowed money for a car and promised to pay it off in 2 years. He paid it much later, with much questioning from me. My brother and sister have paid off loans very quickly! I have become very cautious about loaning money and have the person sign a note. If a had done this with the first person, I could at least have taken a loss on my income taxes.

  216. Rita Wray says:

    When I am loyal to somebody I’ll stand by them through thick and thin.

  217. Cathy Genna says:

    Oh yes, I take loyalty-what loyalty means to me very seriously. Having family and friends I care for matter, my job matters, they are part of me. However loyalty has its limits depending on circumstances.
    Personally I have wonderful lasting experiences

  218. Arielle says:

    The people I love, I love to a slightly scary degree of intensity. I am very loyal and if I have to carry them on my back for miles to safety or help, I’ll do it. Even the trivial things, I take to heart. Sometimes, we fight. If it’s not a deal breaker (and I’m not in the wrong!), I can wait as long as it takes for them to come back into my life. My pride can get in the way but I try to hashs it out with them and get over it.

  219. Martha says:

    I am extremely loyal – – and that has worked out very well for me. That being said, part of this is good instincts on my part (choosing friends who are equally loyal). My friendships are pretty balanced. I have only been “burned” (slightly toasted) once 30 years ago. We offered housing to someone I knew casually in a support group. After her stay in the hospital, she said, “I have no place to go….”

    It turned out that she had lied (about no place to go…) We thought she was in an abusive marriage (which was another lie). It turned out, she was having an affair and her husband asked her to leave! We gave her a list of options/resources and asked her to move out within 30 days. She did (whew). That averted a crisis.

  220. Julie T says:

    Congrats! Sounds like a great book.
    Yes, I have, mostly to family. Sometimes it works, sometimes it hurts.

  221. Angela P says:

    My story is of giving loyalty. My best friend did something very bad – she embezzled money. Over a five year period, I went to every court hearing and lawyer meeting. I stood beside her at every community event. I never said she was innocent because I knew she was guilty, but what I did was stand beside the person I loved as a friend. I listened to her when she needed it, and offered advice when she asked for it. I let others know that everyone makes mistakes but they should not be deserted for them. When she was found guilty and did her time, I was there throughout that.

  222. Nancy Jones says:

    I have offered loyalty several times in the past. I always seem to get burned.

  223. Patrice says:

    I have given loyalty to the person who runs the animal sanctuary where I volunteer, that is above and beyond the loyalty from any of the other volunteers.

  224. Tracey says:

    I have and it didn’t work out. Many years ago I had a best friend. Well I thought she was my best friend. She betrayed me for a guy.

  225. Mary C. says:

    Yes, I have. It hasn’t always been a positive experience, but one learns
    from mistakes made.

  226. Maryann Pacek says:

    Congratulations on your new book! Much success with it!! As for your question, yes, I have given my loyalty to those who haven’t exactly reciprocated it back. It can be hurtful but in the end, I know I did the right thing in being loyal and that gives me peace with it. I do feel lucky to say I believe I have that kind of loyalty and trust with my husband. He always has my back even if he may not agree with me at the time. I know he’s there for me and I do the same for him. It’s always reassuring and a comfort to know you have someone in your corner you can depend on for the times you give your trust and are hurt.

  227. Yolanda says:

    I have been loyal to those close and dear to me, and unfortuanetly have been hurt in the process hence I keep my circle of friends small

  228. Belinda says:

    To be loyal is to be a true friend. Not so many people these days think of this.
    My friend from high school is still a true and best friend I ever had. We always keep our minds open to each other therefore keeping ones integrity is important.

  229. Bridget Taylor says:

    Yes. I most often did not work out that well. Have to be more careful in the future.

  230. Janet Nelson says:

    Yes, like many of the previous responders, I have given my loyalty where it wasn’t reciprocated. Deep hurt follows but I would choose to do it again because, despite negative consequences, the opportunity for deep love and friendship is worth it. When loyalty is returned the dedication to another is strengthened and that result is worth it. That being said, I still need to bookmark quotes that say let go of past hurts to remind myself that all positives require a risk.

  231. Louise Stubblefield says:

    I believe in the good in people. I don’t think my behavior should by be influenced by someone else’s bad behavior.
    I’m not shooting for sainthood, I just think we need to keep expecting the best, even if it hasn’t worked well in the past. I have several sisters and brothers of the heart by trying to keep this in mind.

  232. Christina Gonzalez says:

    I have given great loyalty and love to all of my friends and family. Everyday I work on being the best person I can.

  233. Debra Hall says:

    no i have never had to deal with that

  234. Robbie says:

    I have a close friend from childhood and over the years she has made choices that I didn’t like but she is my friend. They weren’t criminal or immoral , just not well thought out. It is her life. My husband doesn’t think I should stay her friend but I say it is her life so I stay loyal but understand she’ll do as she wishes,as I do.

  235. peggy says:

    Yes, I’ve tried to be loyal. Sometimes it is returned, and sometimes it isn’t. You have to learn when to walk away.

  236. Dianna says:

    Yes, unfortunately the loyalty wasn’t returned but that wasn’t the goal anyway.

  237. Lena Lee says:

    Yes, I have given loyalty above and beyond before and for the most part didn’t regret it. Now I am receiving loyalty beyond what I expect and I am amazed, humbled, and grateful.

  238. Sandra Spilecki says:

    I, too, have given loyalty only to be rebuked and hurt. I am very careful
    to whom I give this as I have been hurt too often to count. Now I don’t believe until I see the person is worth it.

  239. Dot Salvagin says:

    Oh yes, I’ve gone above and beyond with loyalty and I have the scars to prove it. It doesn’t mean I won’t do it again, only that I will be cautious. Life is too short not to take a chance once in awhile.

  240. I can’t recall personally doing something of that nature but I do recall someone doing that for me. It was of such a personal nature that I can not relay what it was, but it was most appreciated.

  241. Rachel C. says:

    Aside from being fiercly loyal to my family, nope.

  242. Debbie T. says:

    I have given loyalty above and beyond and I found out that unless it is a family member, it is usually gonna get me hurt. Men are good about doing stuff like that. But I still believe in good men and I know there are some out there.

  243. Robyn K says:

    I am loyal to a fault. It has bitten me more times than I can count but I don’t let it get to me. My family love is what matters the most and we’re very loyal to each other. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  244. Yolanda W. says:

    This past year my family’s belief in everything we hold dear has been shaken. A member of my family made a terrible error in judgement that not only changed his live, but every member of his immediate family. You never know how you will reponse to a situation until your faced with the unthinkable. I chose to see the good in this individual, to try and understand why the situation occurred, and to not allow society’s labels to dictate my feelings.

  245. I have been loyal to my true friends since I was 5 years old. I met a man when my son was 3 years old we hung out together for over 20 years, good or bad. But my loyalty was put to the test when my mother became ill, COPD, my self and my father would take turns sleeping in my mums hospital room. That was the only way to keep her calm. My father was her primary care giver, and I was by their sides when needed. During her last 3 to 5 months of her life after work I would take over cleaning, feeding and getting her ready for bed. You can never prepare yourself for a loved one illness no matter how long they have been sick. To watch your mum slowly deteriorate in front of your own eyes. It is ironic, you stop living to care for someone whose dying. My mum passed March 8, 2011. Every child should be a loyal child to their parents, but that is not always the case.

  246. LINDA MINNER says:


  247. Tina Hairston says:

    I’ve never been on the receiving end of “above and beyond” but I’ve never given it either. I expect a certain level of support from my family and friends as I know they expect it from me but my loyalty has been tested before so I know better than to leave myself open for hurt and disappointment that that level of support can inflict. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t if the person/situation wasn’t worthy but it’s just not been my experience.

  248. Carla Rowser says:

    Until 5 years ago, I defended my father against my mother. Then I realized what she said about he was true and stopped defending him.

  249. Diane McMahon says:

    I do not believe I have given loyalty above and beyond to just anyone. I have very close friends and family that I would go above and beyond for at anytime.

  250. Chris Thom says:

    My mother, who had been my best cheerleader and close friend for my whole life, came to live with us when it became not possible for her to live by herself. She ended up in physical rehab, then hospice at my home. My hubby, who I have stuck with thru thick & thin for over 30 years, turned out to be an absolute treasure in helping me with her. My daughter also stepped up and helped when she could, as well. Our son kept in close touch. There is a web of loyalty & love in our family that leaves me breathless. My brother dropped the ball. I feel sorry for him, for he will never know the joy and happiness and peace I get from the absolute bone deep knowledge that my little family sticks together.

  251. Heather Strand says:

    I have been very loyal to 2 ex-husbands and been hurt by them more than you can imagine. My heart is more guarded this time. I will do anything for my parents and my children!!! Thanks for the chance :).

  252. Polly says:

    I did not do it for loyalty, but for friendship without concern for ‘payback’. I gave a week of my time to help a family I knew. Mom needed to be on bed rest, and no one in the family was immediately available. It had been six years since I had seen them, they were 100 miles away, but there was a need for a trusted adult to step in and help. I did it, and I would do it again. It made a difference.

  253. Charlene Fraley says:

    I was very loyal to my father, even though he drove me crazy during his remaining years after my mom passed. He was only concerned about himself. I was juggling being a wife, and mother to my family, too. When I dared stand up for myself, he stopped talking to me, and decided to get remarried. I felt relief when he passed, I am sorry to say. Luckily, I just love my step-mother. She’s a wonderful lady!

  254. Yes,unfortunately it was my father too..He was a wonderful dad,minus a few glitches..but was a horrible husband to my mother..he wasn’t physically abusive,but he would put her down and make life hard for her..then she had a life threatening event and he totally changed…I always loved him because he was my father,that didn’t mean I had to agree with how he was and that did lead to alot of bad days between us..thankfully we did have two extremely happy years before he was killed while at work ..I look back and think somehow he KNEW he didn’t have alot of time left because in those two years he crammed ALOT of happiness and memory making into them…

  255. Rose Foster says:

    Yes I have, In my family we stick together, Right or Wrong

  256. Robin Giddley says:

    I’m very loyal to my family. We stick together no matter what happens. There are times that are stressful but we see each other through and support each other.

  257. My children and I stick together when there are times of crisis. They are grown and have their own families now. Just have a bigger circle of folks coming together in rough times. Appreciate the giveaway. Continued success in your writings.

  258. Deb Diem says:

    I’m loyal until someone proves they don’t deserve my loyalty. But when I’m done, I’m done. There will be no winning me back.

  259. Ann Henderson says:

    Love your books!! I had a situation at work with a very close friend who was having employee legality problems with our supervisor. My loyalty was tested wen I was asked whether I would support her if called upon to stand beside her to testify if needed. I was scared for my job but I had no choice but to say yes to be able to hold my own head up.

  260. Dorothy Hardy says:

    Yes I have!I’m very loyal, but if given, I do not like it question by them. Though I know that people have reason not to always be loyal or trusting, I want the same returned that I have given! Thanks for all your great stories! Dottie, Ontario,California!

  261. Joy Huntley says:

    My father loved and adored me and never let me down. He was beyond loyal to me and was always there for me even during my darkest hours. Twice he hopped on an airplane and flew across countries and continents to come to my aid. It should come as no surprise then when he was stricken with Parkinson’s disease after my mother died that I left my job to be one of his primary caregivers. My husband, siblings, in-laws, and even my father’s grandchildren all helped with his care as well. He had the worst form of this disease due to Agent Orange. He endured Parkinson’s for over nine years. He fought three wars for this country, the Korean War, the Dominican Republic, and Vietnam. I never gave up on what he wanted, and I ensured he had the best in home care. My father has been gone now for over a year. Not a day passes that I don’t miss or think of him or my mother. My spirit is heavy with love and I am still very loyal to those in my sphere as my health permits.

  262. Cyndi Lockhart says:

    I value loyalty, give it to a fault, and (rather foolishly) expect it to be given in return. Having said that, I have been burned many times. I still give loyalty to each new beginning and to those that have lasted, but once lost it will never be returned to the person/situation.

  263. Donna Antonio says:

    I value loyalty but do not blindly follow. I’ve been burned by my ex husband and others but still seek to trust

  264. Scarlet says:

    Actually, my Father. After my Mom & Dad divorced, he remarried within the month. I wanted to live with him but my step mother had other plans. Long story short, I was banned from ever going to visit him again. I still loved him and it cut deep every time he would pick up my other two sisters and refuse to even see me. We did mend our differences after several false starts but it was seven years later and I was grown with a daughter of my own. Even though he was wrong in taking his wife’s side in the matter, And he refused to see me, I always loved him.

  265. Janice says:

    I had a good friend years ago who I had gone out of my way to help whenever I could. She started a new relationship and completely dropped all ties with me to become friends with new boyfriend’s circle. When they shortly got married, she picked someone else to be maid of honor. I was very hurt and upset at the time and that was the end of our friendship. About 20 years later she got in touch with me through the internet and apologized for the way she had treated me back then.
    We now stay in touch with each other and

  266. Jerilynn Rodriguez says:

    I stayed faithful to an alcoholic abusive fiance until he started to abuse me in front of my daughter. That gave me the strength I needed to get him out of my heart and home. We didn’t talk for many years but my daughter always and forever loved him until his death two years ago in a fire.

  267. Rhonda Gothier says:

    Yes I have friends from over 45 years that I would do anything for and they would do for me. They are awesome!

  268. Sharon Sovereign says:

    I’ve never had occassion to have to go above and beyond but I think I would be willing to go the extra mile if the need arose.

  269. Mary Kemper says:

    I am a firm believer in loyalty. I once had a business partner who we were trying to build a business, despite her shady background I stood by her through the good times and bad. In the end she did not stand by me, or was loyal and are business never did go anywhere. Would I do it again, most likely but with being wiser I would make a few different decisions. Whether I win the kindle fire or not, I will continue to read Madeline’s books because I love them! Thank you for giving us this chance!

  270. Vickie Raynor says:

    I have with my husband, but I’m happy to say that he reciprocates.

  271. Beth Lechman says:

    I have always been loyal to my friends and family even during some trying times.I remember one time my sister and i were in our teens and were at a skating rink. An older boy was calling my sister names and being rude. I am a pretty small person and this guy was over 6′. I got in his face and called him out. People couldn’t get over that I would do that but hey she was family.

  272. Deborah says:

    It is easy to be loyal when times are good. The challenge and depth of true loyalty, is in adverse times. This is where character is built. Also, to be true when it isn’t always reciprocated, takes a special kind of love and loyalty.
    Love your books.

  273. Terri says:

    I have tried to stand behind my mother-in-law when she had things going on in her life that I should have distance myself from. I wanted her to know that no one was perfect but we were family. Even when she turned her back on my husband, her son, and our children. I don’t like her but I do love her because she gave me a wonderful man.

  274. nrlymrtl says:

    Yep. I had this friend who later became my boss. A coworker repeatedly broke a safety rule and, per my boss’s request, I quietly ran some checks to see if we had any issues due to the rule breaking. We didn’t. But not too long later, out of the blue, I was in trouble with upper management for supposedly using a naughty word in the office. Like permanent mark in my HR file. Hmm…. Anyway, that was the end of my loyalty to that boss.

  275. Wendy Moore says:

    I have given my loyalties many times over – to the point where my mom had told me I was “too nice”. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not; but I don’t think I can stop believing that everyone has good in them and they just need someone to believe in them.

  276. I am a loyal person until I am done wrong and then I tend to cut ties.

  277. I have had some loyalty returned to me before. It has never happened to me the way you stated.

  278. ML says:

    Yes, I think I’ve been loyal above and beyond the call of duty. Often to family members.

  279. TIFFANY M says:


  280. Theresa Henry says:

    I have always given my loyalty and devotion to my mother, even though she has never accepted me for who I really am. My entire life she has criticized everything about me from my weight, hair cut. clothing style, you name it; she has hurt my feelings and crushed my pride so many times that I have almost become numb. Still, I continue to love her and try to help her every day. Is there a piont where love and loyalty can no longer survive? I don’t know, I just know that I keep on trying. Maybe some day she will accept me as I am. God willing. I hope I can live to see that day.

  281. Suzy says:

    not really

  282. Terry says:

    I have been loyal to someone who does not deserve my loyalty, yet I cannot find it in my heart to break the friendship. Right now I occupy an elected office that she held before me, so part of my loyalty has to do with her helping me become elected. However, she continues to try to direct how I should vote on issues, and wants to know information that she is aware is confidential. While I have not disclosed any of it to her, I have learned that some people believe I have been telling her everything. I have no doubt that she learns information from other sources.

  283. Melissa Crisp says:

    I am loyal to a fault. But that goes both ways. If I see that someone that I am loyal to does not show me the same respect then I can not and will not ever remain loyal to them. Once that trust is broken that’s it, never again. So basically no I have not stayed loyal to someone that isn’t loyal to me.

  284. Marcia Lancaster says:

    A while ago a close friend was quite ill in the hospital. Her son called and asked if I could stay over night so she wouldn’t be left alone. Turns out she was there for 25 days and I was there every week day, Monday thru Friday, had other obligations for the weekends. Took a taxi to and from most days since I don’t drive and didn’t know in advance when I’d be going to be able to use Dial-A-Ride. It would have been much less expensive.
    Later on when I has a medical procedure and was told to have someone stay with me for a few hours when I got home I asked my friend if she could come over and keep me company, after all I had done it for her three or four times. She stated she couldn’t come over, but I could take Dial A Ride bus and come to her house and she’d watch over me there, and then I could take the Dial A Ride bus back home. What goes around should come around, but nothing is ever equal. I guess I’m getting a little tired of always giving to those who are not appreciative and only act like they expect it as their due.
    Now I’m volunteering at my great-grandchildren’s school and the people with whom I’m working are excited to have me there in this position. Yay!! Children are such delights anyway.

  285. Sandy X says:

    Yes I have, especially with family and friends. I am loyal to my parents and siblings even though there are times I don’t get treated the same.

  286. Tanja Dancy says:

    I had a very good friend that I was always loyal to, but she was always lying and borrowing money and would never pay it back. I just couldn’t put up with it anymore and we stopped being friends. She didn’t deserve my loyalty and trust.

  287. Brenda Waters says:

    I have always given my loyalty to my family.

  288. Shannon Bumpus says:

    Yes I have, though it has not always worked out and have had my share of heartache. But that only makes you stronger and wiser.

  289. Jessica Call says:

    Yes, I’ve always given more and gone above and beyond for people I’m loyal and honest and people always come to me for help or advice. Yet funny when I need it no one is available. But I’m the kind of person who thinks of others before myself.

  290. Lindsey Liddell says:

    I have and it didn’t work out.

  291. Olinda Pfost says:

    Yes I did give total loylty but found out it was not given back . In fact it was thrown to the side when easier to change.

  292. Karen Giasson says:

    I have been loyal to a fault with too many people in my life. Which is the reason why I do not have many close friends. It is too hard to trust people these days.

  293. Karen Krack says:

    I was in a terrible car accident over 20 years ago – airlifted to a trauma center, double brain bleed, knee trauma with resultant surgery, out of work for 9 weeks. For the next year my insurance company approved everything I needed, helped me figure out my lost wages, and never increased my rates. I had been with them for over 20 years at that point, and have stayed with them for over 20 more!

  294. June M. says:

    I have always been a very loyal person, usually always putting others before myself. I have been burned by this though supposed friends, coworkers, supervisors, and even some extended family. However, those closest to me, I know I can count on if I need them. We might have disagreements and get hurt feelings from time to time, but we always have each others backs.

  295. denise says:

    usually i’m the giving the loyalty to that degree–do it willingly and without expectation it will be returned–it’s nice to be surprised when it is.

  296. Heather R. says:

    My dogs give me more loyalty than I expected. They are not literally people but they are members of the family!

  297. Robin Myers says:

    I think everyone has been in such a position at least once in their life. There are several times when that has happened to me, but I have put the situations behind me, and moved on with my life. Thankfully, they were not terribly impactful of my life, which I suspect was the case for your heroine.

  298. LindaR says:

    Yes I have been in this postion. At the time I was heart broken, but picked myself up and learned a good lesson from it. My loyalty now belongs to my husband of 42 years.

  299. infinitieh says:

    Looking at my dating history, I’d say I’m fairly loyal until I decide the guy isn’t worth my loyalty anymore. This is why dogs are better (and my husband would agree! 😀 ).

  300. Congratulations on your new release. I’m very loyal to family and friends. A couple of times the situation has turned negative. I’m now more cautious with some people.

  301. Donna Martin says:

    Yes I have gave and received loyalty above and beyond thanks for the chance

  302. Jody Welton says:

    I have and always will be loyal to my husband whom everybody warned me about. I met him when he was a very troubled teen (15), I was 22. Through the years I had many run ins with him where he was always the gentleman. On my 26th birthday, he being 19, he asked if he could take me out. I finally agreed after much convincing on his part. With everyone I knew against it. That night something just clicked, but I knew I couldn’t date him with his drug & alcohol problem. I had 2 children to look after. The next day he asked me if I felt that we were right for each other & he wanted to know what he had to do to date me? I told him he needed to quit his drugs & alcohol & get a job. He grabbed me & gave me a quick kiss & told me your wish will be fulfilled. I laughed & he left. I didn’t think to much of it until 2wks later he showed up & says, “All wishes are fulfilled”. When we started dating everyone told me he was trouble, no good, someone who would bring me down. Even my own dad wouldn’t talk to me for almost 3 months, but there was just something I felt & as they say, It’s all history from there. 14yrs., 4 children, & 2 grand kiddos later we are holding strong & he has stayed sober & supported his family well. Oh, him & my dad are best friends…lol

  303. Juanita says:

    would love to win make it easier carry books around love reading you book

  304. Sunnymay says:

    Having worked in the medical field for many years, I don’t turn off my inner nurse when helping friends, family and acquaintances. When my son played youth baseball, a pitcher from the opposing team was rubbing his elbow as we got out of our car heading to the field to play ball. I asked the mother and convinced her to use Arnica Gel (Homepathic medicine)that worked for my sprained ankle. After six months of pain and PT, Arnica Gel took the pain away within the hour and stayed fine for half a day. My son used it on his sore arm, too. I applied it to the other teams pitcher, he played fine yet they still lost to our team.

  305. Karen F says:

    I am loyal friend but even more, I am loyal to my family of origin. A few years ago I was in a position to do something that many believe was above and beyond but what I consider a sibling does for another sibling without question. As my husband and I both respond when people talk about it, it is what we feel family means. Anyway what happened was that one of my younger brothers found himself in a foreign country and in prison due to being set up by corrupt police. He was unjustly arrested and jailed with the threat of being given the death sentence. My husband and I jumped into action. We had to first locate where he was in prison and then began the fight to save his life. Many trips to the country, many meetings with our embassy in this country, hours of fighting to be even be aloud to see and talk with my brother, hiring a lawyer, working through a translator and appearing in a foreign court were required to get the sentence reduced from life to trying to get it dropped. It finally ended in getting my brother home to the US after three years of supporting and fighting for him. He was held in a prison known as the “death” prison because at least one person died each day. The conditions were beyond anyone’s imagining and it tore me apart with each visit to the prison I made. I lived in fear that he would die before we could get him home. It was traumatic for everyone in my family but the good news is he is back home and safe. There is so much more to this story but I feel I have shared enough.

  306. Donna Harris says:

    I’ve always been loyal my whole life. My first marriage I was loyal to him for 19 yrs, but he wasn’t to me. After the divorce I had my two sons with me to get through whatever life brought us. Then a little over 11 yrs ago I met the man I knew would be loyal to me. In July 2004 I met him, he was from different state with 2 daughters still underage. We knew from the moment we met, we loved each other. We did the long distance relationship for 5 months until I got ill. A couple times he came to see he knew something was wrong. In Jan 2005 I was taken to the hospital and I was on my death bed. The doctor said I would have been dead in the morning if I wouldn’t have came. Two weeks in the hospital I didn’t know anything. I was put in a nursing home and I didn’t know anything for another two weeks. I was given 6 months or less to live. My man stood beside me through this whole ordeal. I was in the nursing home for 5 months on hospice, my man came to spend the weekend with me every two weeks. Besides my sons, mom, he gave me something to live for,”Love”! I was getting better and the nursing home & hospice didn’t do anything but left me lying there in that bed. My man took me home to live with him, he took care of me. I mean took care of me, I was bedridden, wheelchair, bedpan everything. He took me to doctors, therapy and he was right there beside me. I had to learn how to walk, feed myself, he was right there. Eleven years later with many years of it therapy, he is still here beside me, loyal and loves me more than ever. This man is my hero!

  307. Sheryl Nyary says:

    Depends on the situation. I believe that sometimes that can get you into trouble. There are situations where loyalty is just understood and not questioned

  308. Tanya Guthrie says:

    I was abused as a child by a family member. I have denied and pretened, especially to myself, that it ever happened. I had been there for that person my whole life, defended them to others all my life. Until something horrible happened in my life, my little son went through cancer treatment. He was having slight, and I do mean slight, behavior issues. Where the person who sexually, mentally and emotionally abused me for years decided they would say all sorts of horrible things about him including calling him a “sinking ship”. That is the point when I said enough is enough. When I finally admitted what happened to myself and others. I realized that some people aren’t worthy of loyalty, some people aren’t redeemable. It’s been almost a year, and I feel better than I ever remember feeling!

  309. Cindy Hamilton says:

    I am loyal to my friends when they tell me secrets. Wonderful giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  310. Elaine Loesch says:

    I have been blessed with wonderful friends and when I helped my disabled son buy a house, several showed up to help get it livable, painting, cleaning, working, etc., whatever needed to get done. I am richly blessed!

  311. Tracey Lee says:

    I believe I’m a loyal friend, so yes I have, but I wish I have more flexibility. I know a very close friend that is very loyal and surely went beyond to reach out to me and helped
    Me through tough times

  312. Julie says:

    I worked for a large group of people for over 26 years. As the company decreased in size due to ownership changes, the atmosphere also changed. It became very cutthroat. I still did my job, still went up and beyond for each and everyone there, yet when I became seriously ill and no longer able to work, no one contacted me. I’m not bitter (really), just grateful my life was spared. I wake up with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. It’s the best revenge.

  313. Kathleen Giannone says:

    I am looking forward to reading Tall, Dark & Wicked. Thank you for this fantastic giveaway! My loyalty is work related. I was hired for the express purpose of being able to take over a position when a mass exodus of retirements started taking place. Many of the potential retirees decided to delay their retirements by as much as two years. In the meantime I stayed true to my department, not applying for the promotion position in other departments. Finally the retirements came about, 9 people out the door, including my then supervisor who hired me & kept assuring me I would move up. Said supervisor was forced out 2 months early. When “my position” was finally advertised on the internal job network, it was when I was off for medical leave. My daughter saw it & let me know about it. She helped me get my paperwork together to apply for a position that was supposed to be mine. I interviewed & a month later was told I was rejected because I “wasn’t ready yet, but soon, with some training.” This comment after 4 plus years, & doing the actual work of the promotion position for over 9 months was a slap in the face to my loyalty & devotion to the team. I made it my business to start looking for & applying for the promotion position in other departments. I have been on a couple of interviews so far. I know I am “ready”.

  314. Carolyn Mason says:

    Here is a case of loyalty for you. My ex and I have been divorced much longer than we were married, but when we separated we made a promise regarding our two daughters. So, even though at times I was not pleased with him, we remained close for them. When we divorced our daughters were six and seven and today they are forty-eight and forty-nine and we still remain close because of them. It is a relationship that most do not understand, but it is quite normal for us.

  315. Sherry Hoernig says:

    My dearest & oldest friend called me on Christmas Day 1990 & stayed on the phone w/me for 7-8 hours straight so I wouldn’t spend Christmas alone, after my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years broke up w/me 2 weeks before Christmas, & married someone else Christmas Eve.
    To show you just how above & beyond this act of kindness was, she is my children’s stepmother… Yep, she’s definitely an exceptional woman, & the best kind of friend a person could ask for. Definitely a Blessing in my life.

  316. Megan says:


    I have often been in situations where I gave more than received loyalty as it’s hard to say no and I have such a big heart. I’ve had many relationships where things have gone sour but tried my best to be loyal.
    Meeting the man who is now my boyfriend a little over a year ago, he has been a wonderful breath of fresh air and his generosity is very inspiring. After countless times of heartache and being taken advantage of, my boyfriend has been such an inspiration and I don’t regret my actions for they’ve led me to him. I’m such a lucky and blessed woman.

  317. Lauren says:

    Often when people we love are involved we will give them chance after chance. It’s hard to figure out when it’s time to cut your losses. Especially because I have seen amazing changes in people. Have I given my loyalty unwisely, yes. Does it sometimes engender change, also yes. Hard call…

  318. Linda Henderson says:

    I used to have a very close and dear friend and then some years ago she all of a sudden quit having any contact with me. I never did figure out why, and believe me I’ve tried. I would call her, visit her, and she would be okay to me but she would never contact me on her own. I tried for years to no avail. Finally I just have to accept that our friendship was over.

  319. Diane says:

    I’m very loyal to my family (immediate and extended) ~ was taught Charity begins at home! Always willing to lend a helping hand when needed, being the eldest ~ especially to my 5 siblings ~ the first to offer knowing they may be too proud to ask. However, on 2 occasions when I needed the helping hand, I felt I almost had to beg to receive the assistance. Annoyed and hurt me! At times now, I don’t offer as willingly, watch to see whom will reach out their hand and wait for them to ‘ask’ ~ seems asking makes them more appreciative than when I offer and they take me for granted. Changed my outlook and method, but I’m still there for them all ~ they may annoy me, but they are my family and I do love them and don’t wish to see them suffer or struggle if I can lend a hand.

  320. Rachelle Taylor says:

    I am always loyal and value commitment. I expect the same out of others, however naive this may be in today’s world. I believe everyone I encounter should be given a clean slate to start with and I overlook the many minor breaches to my beliefs because these are inherent of human nature. No one is perfect. My standards and expectations of others are no better then what one should expect, as a minimum, from a good and decent individual and everyone deserves benefit of the doubt.
    However, and this may be harsh, but I cannot express this any better then Mr. Darcy, “my good opinion once lost is lost forever.” I learned early on that people can be cruel and selfish, life is to short to waste, and I refuse to be another’s doormat.

  321. ChristineB says:

    I’ve given loyalty beyond what is necessary in all my relationships. What I have noticed is that most people are selfish and I find it difficult to understand that.

  322. Connie Fischer says:

    For eight years I was the secretary to the Division Chief heading up an office of well over 100 people in a government office. My boss was approaching retirement age but was very healthy. His knowledge of the rules and regulations of required with our mission were second to none. He gave me more and more responsibility and trusted me to be the professional I was every day. Unfortunately, there were some power-hungry people who wanted his job and did everything they could to push him out. In addition, they knew I was always loyal to him and followed his directions even though it didn’t always set well with his managers below him. That meant that as nice as I could be and as much as I sugarcoated his directives, I was hated for my loyalty to him. We both retired around the same time and not one person said goodbye to me when I left. Did it bother me? Not at all. It was a relief to leave the backbiting and vindictiveness. It’s sad to think that in a large office that loyalty to one’s boss can make you the “bad guy.”

  323. Terri S. says:

    Although my parents and most of my brothers have treated me like an unwanted stray most of my life, I was loyal. That changed a few years ago though. I almost died and was in ICU for a week. Only one brother visited and checked on my condition. The other people in my family couldn’t even be bothered. After my release, one brother told me the worst thing to ever happen to our family was me being born. When I got mad and told him a few truths, my dad told me I should show my brother more respect and I better not talk to him that way again. When I brought up what he said to me, I was told that didn’t matter. I was abused in several ways the whole time I was growing up by my family but I’m the worst. Yeah, whatever. I decided to love myself and stop wasting my loyalty on people who don’t deserve it. I have a hard time trusting people and opening myself up to them due to my family history. When I do finally trust someone, I can be very loyal.

  324. Eileen P says:

    I agree with a lot of other people here. There is a difference between loyalty that is expected and loyalty that is freely given and returned. Once I learned how to figure that out my life got a lot easier!

  325. Linda says:

    I don’t know if I would be “loyal” to someone who betrayed me. I have found myself loving someone even though I didn’t like them very much at the time. Perhaps that’s the same thing. It opens the door to forgiveness.

  326. Haddie says:

    Yes, I have given loyalty after having felt betrayed. However, I recently learned that my loyalty is what kept the betrayal feeling at bay, because the person I thought was betraying me did not mean to give me that impression. This happened nearly two years ago, and just a few days ago, the incident was brought up, and the waters were cleared. We came to an understanding. I had misunderstood the intentions, but I never stopped being loyal. ♥

  327. Joanne Huff says:

    Although I often disagree with the way my supervisor does things, I still have to agree and support her. It’s all part of being a team player. Sometimes I do voice that I don’t understand why and ask for clarification, but I still will go along with her decisions. It is also because I have been working the job for over 20 years and don’t want to go somewhere else, and I know what needs to be done to make the whole department work.

  328. Karen Partin says:

    I am very loyal to my friends and family. I have always stood beside them no matter what.

  329. Diane Caryl says:

    Yes, I’ve never been on the receiving end, but I have always believed in giving.

  330. Becky Williams says:

    Yes. To truly love someone you must trust them completely. It is only when the trust is shattered with overwhelming evidence of lies and deceit, does the love die. This happened with my first husband. It made me somewhat cynical about love and trust, but I’ve worked to overcome it.

  331. Ann Marie Amaral says:

    I have been married for 30 years this year, does that count? In this day and age when divorce is more common than not I suppose it does. People are often surprised I am still with him because he is now diabled but I am surprised that they are surprised.

  332. Janice Hougland says:

    Loyalty. Support for a right cause in the face of wrongdoing. This is what I faced at the end of 2009. I was working for a large law firm as a legal secretary and worked closely with two other secretaries in our “pod” along with the attorneys we were directly responsible to. We could tell from hubbub and gossip and tempers that the firm was in financial trouble due to the greed of some partners. Sadly, the “peons” (secretaries and other staff) bore the brunt of all the negativity floating about. There was rampant mean spiritedness on the part of the attorneys and even squabbling amongst the staff. My two “cell” mate secretaries and I were nervous, naturally, because many secretaries were being fired left and right…due to the financial difficulties in the firm. The work kept piling up and very unreasonable demands were placed on us. When it came time for annual reviews, my two “cell” mates and I were grilled and told our work was unsatisfactory as we were not keeping up to the attorneys’ standards and clearing the workloads. So when another secretary in our section was fired because of imagined unsatisfactory work (and we knew she was the best secretary they’d ever had), my “cell” mates and I decided to quit the firm at the same time, leaving a dozen attorneys stranded without secretarial assistance. Eight months later it hit the news that this large law firm that had been in existence for over 50 years went “belly up” and was disbanded. We three secretarial pals have remained in touch with each other ever since. We like to think we started a movement amongst the members of our Legal Secretarial Organization that gave “notice” to attorneys to treat their staff better than they had previously.

  333. laminitagirl says:

    Yes – sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. Thanks for the opportunity.

  334. Sue Brandes says:

    I am very loyal to my family.

  335. Donna Atkinson says:

    I can’t wait to read your new book! I have been loyal to my husband for over 30 years, through 2 affairs and verbal abuse. When I found out about the 3rd affair I decided I deserved better and told him I was finished with him. We’re separated now, but he’s living in our house while he teaches at the university before returning to his research. I guess I’m loyal to a fault, but I’m glad to be done with this dysfunctional marriage.

  336. amy compton says:

    I have been loyal to my family even when they probably didn’t deserve it but that’s what family does for each other. So far, my loyalty has not been misused.

  337. Vicki H says:

    I have been loyal to my kids and defended them to the end. One of which it probably has done more harm than good. He has addiction issues and am sure there are times I should have thrown up my hands and forgot it but it’s so hard when it’s one of our own. I can tell friends in the same situation what to do but when it’s my own, I just can’t think straight!!!

  338. Tonya Coley says:

    I am very loyal to my family and friends, and my loyalty was severly tested by my best friend many years ago. I had been briefly engaged to a young man by the name of Robert and several months after the engagement was broken, his brother Shane asked me to introduce him to my best friend Michelle. I had no problem introducing them and they hit it off right away. The only problem was that even after months of dating, Michelle refused to go to his home unless I was allowed to come with her – especially for Christmas dinner that year. Since Shane and Robert still lived at home with their Mother, whom I had met while dating Robert, it made for a very awkward situation for Robert and me. To me, having my best friend insist I to go to my ex-fiance’s home and share a Holiday meal with him and his family so she could spend time with her new boyfriend was testing my loyalty. The fact I actually went was me being loyal above and beyond the bounds of friendship – even if I did consider Michelle to be the closest thing to a Sister I would ever have. 😉 The years since have been filled with more occasions like that, but thankfully both Robert and I have moved on with other people and it’s not so awkward anymore.

  339. Susan Zeeb says:

    i consider myself a “mama bear” and will protect and defend my family when necessary. i am my kids’ and husband’s biggest cheerleader.

  340. Shelby says:

    I was laid off from work over two years ago along with about 40% of the company (350 people) but was called back because a remaining co-worker found a new job. I returned part-time on a temporary basis out of loyalty to my manager, who is a great boss with a lot on his plate. He has two adopted special needs children and one of them just received a kidney transplant. My return has been a great comfort to him. As far as loyalty to the company itself, I’m really neutral. I work to the best of my ability out of my own work ethic, not loyalty to them, per se.

  341. Vicki says:

    I stay in the town I grew up in to be near my parents. After my 3 brothers grew up and left home, moving to other states, I knew my parents would be extremely lonely if I left too. So, I stay. The job opportunities aren’t great in my town, but I like being around for the folks. Who knows, maybe the perfect job will come along, and if it’s in another city, maybe remote work will be so ordinary by then the employer will allow me to work from here without batting an eye. That would be awesome.

  342. angela parrish says:

    never had to give my loyalty to that extent.

  343. Janetta Prussia says:

    My loyalty to my first husband has no bounds. Time and time again I was told that he was no good and I refused to believe it until one day I walked in on him and a friend of mine. Never will I be so trustworthy again. Trust your mother but cut the cards.

  344. Ioanna Kontogianni says:

    That’s a very interesting question.
    When i was still in school there was a guy in my life that was in love with my best friend.I knew he only hang out with me because he wanted my help with her but i didn’t mind and i helped him.When the time came and she wasn’t treating him well,i stood up for him cause i honestly believed he deserved better.He never waited that i would do that for him and from that time forward he became one of my most loyal friends and he earned one special spot in my life and in my heart.

  345. Gloria J says:

    Being hurt by a friend’s actions, but somehow remaining loyal, was something I witnessed with my mother and her friend of 60 years. Every once in a while I would notice Edna’s absence. We all loved having her around as she was so much fun to be with. ” Oh, she’s annoyed because I didn’t like the brand of coffee ahe picked up for me “(on sale) Mom would say. Those were days of serious coffee clotches. Soon Edna would be back at her spot at the kitchen table. What happened? Mom had called to say she was wrong and Edna replied that she was just going to call her to say that my mom was right, her brand was far tastier! Silly reasons to be hurt persisted over the years but they were forever loyal to each other to the end.

  346. Darlene says:

    I think that I am too loyal to people that I care about and have been hurt over the years because of it. I am learning to be more cautious because of this. I do forgive easily though.

  347. l p says:

    I am loyal to family and friends with whom I have made a bond. We all know each would go the extra mile for the other. And that goes without saying and/or asking. We are just there for each and instinctively knows what is needed in that particular situation. Thanks

  348. Carla Barbieri says:

    Loyalty is such a great gift but is a fragile one. Once it has been broken it is a thing that can never be returned. I, like most others, am loyal to my family. That is a bond that is very difficult to break. To my friends that are like my family – it goes without saying that they have my loyalty. There are never questions asked, they are just there, all the time. To the very few that I provided my loyalty only to be disappointed – well, best of luck

  349. Sherry S. says:

    I have been really loyal to people that I thought were my friends and found out the hard way that they didn’t feel the same way. I don’t trust people as easily as I use to.

  350. Beverly Ross says:

    I’m a very loyal and dedicated person and yes it has turned on me by people with absolutely no caring for anyone for anyone but themselves but like they say what goes around comes around! So I will be standing there smiling when karma comes to get them!!

  351. Cheryl English says:

    I have always been faithful to dogs. I never buy a dog, I always go to the shelters to adopt one. My last dog had canine epilepsy and would have seizures constantly. I had relatives tell me to get rid of her, and get another dog. I had Schatzie for eight years before losing her to the canine epilepsy. It was the best eight years, one could get from your best friend and family member. It was really hard to forgive the relatives that tried to convince me that my dog wasn’t worth all the trouble and expense for her vet visits and medicine. All I can say is they were wrong and my heart will carry the memories of her forever in my heart. Please everyone consider adopting a dog in need. They will be greatful and faithful forever.

  352. Dot Till says:

    I have shown loyalty to many people, it’s the over and above that I’m not sure about. Showing loyalty itself means staying true no matter what, so it shouldn’t be something that is goes “above and beyond”, even when that person seems to be ungrateful for your loyalty.

  353. Maria Schuerman says:

    My loyalty was more for a company I worked for. I was having a rough time working there and would often come home complaining. I would however not allow my family to talk bad about this company. They were providing me with work and therefore a paycheck.

  354. Jeray Bunnell says:

    I have always believed in giving my all – above and beyond loyalty in everything. Wish I could say that just once that had been reciprocated. But unfortunately that is not the case, neither in husbands or jobs. I often wonder if this is just a female belief.

  355. Renae Kelly says:

    I think I went way above and beyond when I helped an elderly lady across the street. What happened was there was an elderly lady with a walker was trying to cross the street. I was the only one that stopped to let her cross. Finally after no one would stop, I got out of my vehicle and stopped the traffic and helped the elderly woman cross the street and made sure she was safe.

  356. Morgan Van Lier says:

    Im a very loyal person but nothing extreme come to mind right now.

  357. Wow a lot of response to this. Love your books. Congrats on the new one. Getting it and it is on my wish list.

  358. gayle oreluk says:

    I am loyal to my family above all else. No one can say anything bad or against any of them either in my presence or if the comments get back to me in some way without my jumping to their defense. A lioness protecting her cub is nothing compared to how I defend my family. And don’t even think about hurting (by word or deed) my grandson. I will tear that person apart.
    Sorry. I just love and care for my family above everything.

  359. Yvonne B. says:

    Wonderful and thought-provoking question!

    I value loyalty and there have been situations where I have given it past “its due date” and it hasn’t been returned – both from family and friends. I can think of at least two situations (one for family, other with friends) that can be explained as complicated due to other factors, but the situations are what they are and that is that.

    Depending on the situation, I am either a pessimistic optimist or an optimistic pessimist. No, it isn’t as oxymoronic as it sounds.

  360. Janet Young says:

    Yes, my first love. I gave and gave and he just brought me down verbally. Needless to say, I picked myself up and now I am happily married for 36 years and counting. Thank you for the giveaway.

  361. I am always loyal to my friends and expect the same in return. I have known and kept track of my “oldest” friend for over 75 years . I have pictuures of us at her first birthday party !

  362. Karen Hawk says:

    When my husband was hospitalized for a major infection for several weeks, my best friend came over almost daily to help clean my house and care for my dogs. She also flew to Las Vegas on her own to stand up with me when hubby and I got married.

  363. Bridget Convey says:

    The most touching above and beyond loyalty that was displayed to me was three years ago. When I was 35 years old, out of no where I caught flesh eating bacteria, almost lost my life. I got rushed into emergency surgery then came the reality of possibily losing my left leg from my hip down. Through the grace of God I was able to keep my leg. It took me about 4 months to earn how to do everything on my own again (eating, walking, bathing…the most simple things that we take for granted). Well during my recovery, my boss decided on her own to start a fundraising campaign for my family at the office. With her effort and cooperation from some amazing people at my office, they raised over $2,500 to help us with mortgage, medical supplies and school supplies for the kids. It was the most overwhelming feeling of gratitude I have ever felt. It still brings tears to my eyes when I talk about it. I’m healthy now and their generosity without expectation of anything in return was the most moving thing I have ever experienced on a personal level.

    Love your books…every single one!! Huge fan ~ Bridget

  364. Bettie Clark says:

    I guess we have all done this at one time or another. As for me I put my trust in a man. I belived in all his lies and of course when people told me he was such a good guy I took their word for it. He was my first husband. I thought he really loved me. Boy was I wrong! I would defend him to anyone who talked bad about him. He was in the US Army. He traveled all over the world and would eventually send for me and the boys. He never sent us any money. I worked to take care of the boys myself but I was so hard headed and really thought he was unable to help us. My grandmother tried to talk to me and convince me not to trust him. but of course I did any way. Then I went to Germany and boy did he show his true colors. I found out that in the 11 months he was there without us he had managed to meet someone and have a child. I also discovered he had a child while we were stationed in Texas. He had gone home for his fathers funeral and caught up with a girl I know in High School. She WAS a friend of mine and they now have a son she even named after him which was our oldest sons name as well. He lives up the road from me to this day. He decided to start beating on the boys and when I would not allow him too hit them he hit on me. On his birthday I left him in Germany. I explained to him he wanted to be like Hitler but I was a US citizen and I was headed home.

  365. Patience Gray says:

    My husband has shown me that loyalty by letting me leave my job to pursue my job of opening my own sewing business.

  366. Karen Bate says:

    I come from a family with a long and rich military history. We value steadfast loyalty to family and friends above all else. My grandson is following in the family tradition and a more loyal and generous person I’ve never met. Loyalty means staying true to your values no matter what.

  367. Susan Eaton says:

    I always do things for my family but they don’t always appreciate it.

  368. Suzie Johnson says:

    I have been loyal to my husband, as he has been to me, for 41 years. We do not listen to anyone who tries to speak poorly about our spouse, we say tell him/her in private what you are unhappy about. This nips every thing in the bud, before rumors are started. His job is public and this works well to keep stress out of our relationship. Thank you for the chance at winning this super prize!

  369. Susan Solomon says:

    Loyalty is putting a spouse first even when it’s inconvenient!

  370. Sandra Watts says:

    I believe in loyalty among family. It is something I would never think to betry.

  371. Bullrem says:

    Thank you for the many hours of reading enjoyment and escape. I was true blue to my ex-husband – getting him through med school while he was a cad. But I stood by him until he graduated and left with a skinny blonde. That was it. Ten years later, I met a very nice man that has been the husband and father that any Lass would want. I would love to win the Kindle and I thank you for the contest. Helen in Ark.

  372. Kathy Ross says:

    I worked 26 years with my father, my brother and some of that time included my husband. Loyalty becomes tested in these kinds of situations. I have become a better person and maintained my love for all. Sometimes it was difficult but I would not traded it for the world.

  373. Debra Guyette says:

    I have found myself loyal to friends and defended them when necessary. Then when the time came they were not to me.

  374. Katterley says:

    When I moved to a different state in third grade, I made friends with a girl that seemed to have no others. It ostracized me for years from others, but I stayed loyal, even as I later found it wasn’t her being overweight or from being from a lower economic status as I had first suspected, but because she would spread rumors and tell lies about “friends.” It wasn’t until middle school, junior high, that I finally broke free of the harmful relationship, and to not return as I always had before. I was always a reader, but definitely became more of one during the lonely times, and did make more friends. I read so much then I decided the best place for my children was a library, and volunteered so much they later hired me! I will not even start with daddy issues…
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a Kindle Fire, and know there will be a library that will have your new book on shelf soon! Congratulations!

  375. Shelly says:

    Yes I have but it didn’t work out so know it is just for my children and grand children

  376. Barbara Elness says:

    I gave my loyalty to a husband who proved over and over again that he didn’t deserve it before I finally gave up and got out. I don’t believe I’ve ever let anyone down that has been loyal to me though.

  377. Terry Evans says:

    Here is a situation of both loyalty and betrayal .
    My four sisters and I grew up an a sexual abusive environment. Up until we reached puberty, we thought the sun rotated around our father. He was imaginative, playful and protective . We adored him . Then slowly things changed . I was the eldest and it began with me. The main man in my life became a monster lurking in the dark shadows ! My father died 15 years ago . I remained loyal to him until the day he died, after all, he was once my knight . Although I hated the man who betrayed me and robbed me of my youth and so many other things!
    I KNOW about loyalty !

  378. Nancy Cortes says:

    Three years ago, my mom was ill. She wound up being hospitalized and then going to rehab. When she was released from the rehab facility, I went to go stay with her for a while, until she was feeling better. I did not consider this to be a big deal – my children were old enough to be self-sufficient, and my husband was very good around the house. What was originally meant to be a week or two eventually became a three month stay. During that time, Mom never really seemed to improve physically, she remained weak and listless. I spent a lot of time helping her with her basic care, showering and getting up and down. I cooked all our meals and drove whenever we went out. But in spite of all that, Mom and I had some of the best times that summer! We talked for hours, and laughed and giggled like schoolgirls. Mom told me that I was her best friend.
    Toward the end of the summer, I had to go home, because I was scheduled for surgery to remove a kidney stone, and I had already postponed it twice. Mom said that she was feeling better, promised that she would be ok, so I came home.
    People acted surprised when they heard about how I had spent the summer, but how could I do anything less for my Mom?
    Unfortunately, Mom continued to go downhill, and died just two months later. I absolutely treasure the time that we spent together that summer. I would not have done anything differently, except that I would not have left.

  379. Carol Woodruff says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. I only give loyalty to my family and it usually works out OK.

  380. charlene capodice says:

    I am loyal, through and through, thanks for the chance to win!

  381. Yes, in a work situation. When I needed support they did not help. They took someone else’s side.

  382. Am I the only person who doesn’t have an ereader.
    Yes I have kept our friendship going for 73 years. Sometimes my friend stops writing but I never give up on her. I jus

    t keep writing till she answers. Even tho we now live 400 miles apart & haven’t seen each other in 10 years, I never give up on her.

  383. Violet Bick says:

    In fifth grade I was caught writing a note, and the teacher told me to hand it over. I was mortified and scared that the teacher might read it aloud to the class (truly the worst possible fate), and so I refused. (I would have just died.) It was the first time quiet, shy, goody-two-shoes me defied a teacher; I think I shocked the whole class. We were in a standoff. (It was kind of an out-of-the-body experience for me; I couldn’t believe it was happening.) To my utter surprise, one of the popular, could-be-mean girls came to my defense and the teacher backed down. This girl and I never ran in the same group, were never friends, never associated with each other, but I will always remember her with gratitude (and with the knowledge that you can’t easily categorize people or dismiss them as a type).

  384. Helen Wawrejko says:

    I fought a horrendous battle with my aunt when she stole all her mothers (my grandmother who practically raised me)money and dumped her drugged into a nursing home. No one but my mother sided with me as I dragged her into court for abuse of power of attorney to get her money back. I will never regret what I did for her. She lived to be 99 after she moved in with me.

  385. Rebecca DuBose says:

    My husband calls me a “Pollyanna” because I tend to trust and give my loyalty to most people I meet and because I don’t think there is much in the world that is more important than friendship and helping each other. However, I have had a fairly easy life and never had anything done to me which was so bad I couldn’t forgive it, if asked sincerely for forgiveness.

  386. Jennifer Artiles says:

    I once had a friend I did a lot for without any expectations of repayment but the more I did, the more she expected. Then she suddenly turned on me as if I had betrayed her. My husband had warned me but it was hard to accept someone I thought I knew could treat me that way. Lesson learned.

  387. Am very loyal to my children and all six grandchildren. I keep in contact regularly and always support their dreams and wishes. Just tell them dream and let me know so I can understand what their dreams are made of and I will help them achieve the dream or the road to find their dream.

  388. Teresa Wilson says:

    Shortly after my son passed away and my marriage ended, I was struggling to make ends meet and rebuild my life. Because I had moved as a part of my rebuilding efforts, I had not yet found my new church home. My dearest friend invited me to go with her to her family life group prayer meeting one night. Unknown to her, I had prayed just that morning for God’s help as I had $5 in my wallet, no food and I needed gas in the car to get to work. I did not mention my specific need that night but after introducing me to her prayer group they embraced me as if I had been a life long member. Again, no mention was made of my immediate financial needs. The next morning, I put the remaining money in my wallet into gas to go to work. A couple of days later, a letter arrived in the mail from one of the members of the prayer group with a check and a note saying they felt God was leading them to do this for me and they hoped I would not be offended by their gift. The next day, yet another couple from the group, showed up at my door with 3 bags of groceries and not only were there food in the bags, she had taken time to group the items and attach recipe cards to each group of ingredients, like a meatloaf recipe (things that could be cooked and then partly frozen for another meal later). These people saved my life thru a simple invite from a loyal friend. Not to mention, the faithfulness of a loyal and loving God who answered my simple prayer for help.

  389. Michelle S says:

    Congratulations on the Book Madeline!!!
    I think most people at one time or another are loyal to people who may prove to betray their trust – the hard part is letting yourself trust again and not closing off and letting that hurt burn you too deep!!!

  390. Cindy Woolard says:

    Yes. I was loyal to a friend who started dating a boy who I was crazy about. I never knew why she pulled away from me but I guess it was guilt on her part. Over 32 years later I tried to find her and did. But God had his hand in it because when I found her I found the ‘boy’ I had had a crush on in high school. They were like brother and sister and guess what? I am now happily married (15 years) to that ‘boy’ and my friend is back in my life!

  391. Donna Antonio says:

    Shortly after my husband and I married he was accused of flashing some folks at the community pool. It was a frightening time but I believed in him and we just celebrated our 22nd anniversary.

  392. Julie Middlebrooks says:

    I married a coach 29 years ago and learned that there are different types of loyalty. One is the type we coaches’ wives must have to support our husbands. It’s really odd to stay loyal to a school, team, and mascot, then turn around and move that support when he changes jobs!

  393. Carolyn Bright says:

    I love Madeline Hunter’s books and would love to win the giveaway. I’ve been blessed in life in that most of the people to whom I’ve given my love and loyalty were always deserving of it. When my dad was dying I visited him in hospice daily. Towards the end, it was very difficult because I wasn’t sure if he still “there”. It was important to me to be there every day, though, and I’m glad I was. My sister and I were there at the end, representing our eight other siblings who couldn’t be there.

  394. Carole Mills says:

    I’m loyal to the ones I love, But it has come back and bit me. So now i carry the scar’s.

  395. jcp says:

    yes, but it has scarred me.

  396. Jeanne says:

    It was in the work place. I placed a lot of trust in my bosses and co workers. The bosses lived up to the trust. I fine it hard since one of the others was a good friend.

  397. Shirley Cochran says:

    It seems that family puts one in that position more than anyone else. I stayed loyal to my youngest brother through his addiction to narcotics which made him do things he would not normally have done and he quit when his son was born 20 years ago and remained drug (other than prescriptions)free until his death last month.

  398. Nise' says:

    All of us can give examples of both. But what always astounded and blessed me was the unwavering loyalty all of my dogs over the years. No matter what I may have done to them, how I ignored them, or left them outside during an awful storm they were always happy to see me, ready to bestow love, and be my companion for as long as they lived.

  399. sharon rabner says:

    Since I was 14 my life was a horror story living with my alcoholic mother. But I never disrespected her or talked back. She is the mother God gave me and I decided I had to deal the best I could. Even when she tried to leave me with a group of Hispanic men while she went to borrow money from someone to buy beer from them. We lived in a dry county so no stores sold beer or wine.She has been sober for 15 years now and we have been close. I love her and hope to make her last days comfortable and happy. Unlike my life was. But I thank God she is sober now.

  400. Julie McDonough says:

    Yes I have on more then one occasion…It has bit me a few times too.

  401. Paula Wall says:

    No I can’t say that I have. Most in my life are trustworthy and if not I have walked away.

  402. Kai W. says:

    I have been loyal to most of my supervisors until recently. I was put in a bad situation which did have ramifications. After being burnt, I have stopped being loyal to this particular supervisor. Loyalty is given when one is appreciated. Loyalty is lost when one is abused/disrespected.

  403. I have been loyal to my husband for 15 years. There have been a lot of up and downs, 2 kids and a chronic illness but the love is still strong.

  404. Sony K says:

    I believe in being loyal. I have been loyal to my husband for 25 years as he is loyal to me. I believe in teaching your children by being. I want my children to grow up and be the best person they can be. I do have a friend that doesn’t know the meaning of being loyal, I use her as an example to my kids.

  405. Elizabeth H says:

    I have a sister who is a year and 4 months older than me. We get along for the most part but she has trouble managing her money. A couple years ago her landlord was going to raise the rent higher then she could afford so I let her move in with me. It’s a 2 bedroom house and there were already two of us living here. So I moved all my living room furniture into my dining room and all my dining room furniture against the walls so that she could make my living room into a bedroom. It was only supposed to be until she found another place. That turned into until she got a better job (which I don’t think she looked for very well) and so far it’s turned into a 2.5 year move in. She started out helping by paying about $40 a month (no rent or anything else) but after about 6 months she stopped paying me anything for staying in my house, but I still let her stay with me since she’s family. Last year she decided to go back to school and let me know that she was only going to stay until she graduated now (in 4 years). So even though she’s not helping out and she’s been here about 2 years longer than expected and will probably remain here for another 4 I’m still letting her live with me.

  406. Michele Hayes says:

    No, I don’t think I’ve ever been loyal above what was expected.

  407. Jasmin Prewitt says:

    I’m loyal to myself.

  408. Growing up, I was the second oldest of four kids. I was the most well-behaved of my siblings–the others were BAD, lol. Every time something would happen, my parents would line us all up in a row. They would ask us which of us had broken the lamp or eaten the stick of butter or the whipped cream or let the dog out of the yard, etc. No one else would ever say anything so, to avoid a group spanking, I would lie and say it was me. My parents were of the mind that if we were honest there would be no punishment. So I took the blame and all was well:)

  409. Kristy Wolfgang says:

    Yes, I am loyal like that for my family.

  410. Staecy Cossey says:

    Previously, I worked as a hospice nurse. When I was seeing a gentleman who was terminal w/ a condition where his heart and lungs were both bad, causing him to fill up with fluid and essentially drown. He was still in his 50’s and couldn’t sleep because he was afraid he would die at his home. He told me in confidence his fear(this was a man who was strong and took care of others). He told me he knew his spouse could not live in their home after his death if he had died in the house. I promised him that day that I would do everything in my power to get him either to the hospital or other facility, so he wouldn’t have that burden. With the help of Jehovah God, I was able to get him admitted to the hospital 2 days prior to his death. His wife told me the day he passed that he told her to tell me,”Tell my angel, she did as she promised and I am eternally grateful.” I have a little angel pin that his wife gave me. She still lives in the home they shared. I think of him often.

  411. Abra says:

    Yes, I think we’ve all been more loyal to someone than they deserve or that they reciprocate. I had a friend years ago who I thought was my best friend forever. She really showed me I was wrong! Thankfully, I cut her out of my life and have been much happier since.
    Also much less drama! lol

  412. Yes I have but I have good friends too!

  413. Kerri Fowler says:

    I have always been loyal until I’m given a reason not to be and because of certain instances I’m now very guarded in my personal life

  414. I have always been loyal to a fault. I have stood by friends and family and I have stood up for them too. Of course, I have also been hurt by people I have been loyal to…

  415. Janet Shook says:

    I have been sick for a long time. My family has been very loyal and good to me. Far beyond what most would expect. I am amazed by the love and loyalty that has been shown to me.

  416. Colette says:

    I am loyal to a fault and have been burned a few times for it, but I would never change who I am despite a few bad experiences. Thank you for the chance to win!

  417. Wanda Rains says:

    I don’t think my loyalty has really been tested all that much. I stay loyal to family members and friends even when my feelings are hurt. I hope that if a true test ever comes up that I will be there for those I love.

  418. MaureenG says:

    I know I can depend on my sister and my best friend. Many times over the years I have been the recipient of kindness and unexpected thoughtful actions from them.

  419. jessica woods says:

    Sadly, I’ve never had anyone be as loyal to me as this. I have found myself being loyal to lots of people even when I knew I shouldn’t have been because of their past behavior.

  420. MelissaD says:

    Without boring you with the details, I went through a very rough time during my teenage years, and must have been a nightmare for my parents. Many people would have just given up– but they never wavered in their love, support, and belief in me. Eventually I realized that if they believed in me despite my giving them every reason not to, I could at least try to believe in myself. I am now a happy, successful adult thanks to the loyalty shown to me by my sweet parents.

  421. Debbie K. says:

    I have been loyal to my family,best friends and my employer. I am all about loyalty, even though in some instances it is not reciprocated. I still remain loyal no matter what.

  422. Cathy Savant says:

    Have a wonderful friend who is very loyal to me as I am to her. Having a loyal girl friend is something new and I am truly blessed to call her my friend.

  423. Karen W. says:

    There have been many times in my life where I stayed loyal and giving and it wasn’t reciprocated or events turned worse. I’ve learned from all these times and I believe it’s made me a better person. Probably not smarter as I extend loyalty to all in my sphere and it can bite me time and again. I’m just that kind of person I guess. Thanks for the chance and I appreciate all the entertainment you provide me with your writing. Thanks!

  424. PJ Gaumond says:

    I have always been loyal to my job and my work. I would rant but this is a public forum and just suffice it to say I really like what I do for a living but some of the people around me make it difficult.

  425. I don’t have many real friends; I many acquaintances, or work friends, but actual close friends are few. So when I claim someone as a friend, I am loyal to a fault. I will defend my friends in all situations, even when I know they are wrong, simply because they are my friends. I may not deny that my friends are wrong, but I’ll explain the reasons behind whatever decision was made and will stick by my friend throughout whatever crisis might arise.

  426. LISA says:

    Yes, I remained loyal to a very good friend after she said terrible, horrible things about us all. I knew it was a psychiatric condition triggered by the love of her life killing himself. She got the help she needed and is very happy now.

  427. Gigi Hicks says:

    I was always loyal to my parents even when it seemed they were not loyal to me, even as an adult. I am lucky that my husband of 31 years has been loyal and loving and I am loyal to him.

  428. bn100 says:

    yes, I have

  429. Laura G. says:

    No person comes to mind but growing up we had a dog that was extremely loyal to me. I don’t know why, my brothers spent more time with him. But he could sense when I was upset with others in the family and would growl, jump on them and keep them away from me then.

  430. I have one particular male friend. We’ve known each other for 30 something years. Through all life’s drama’s (my marriage to whom I was very devoted to him, my husband, but when I needed him he turned his back – that’s part of the reason we’re divorced) we’e been there for the other through thick and thin.
    I wish we had met at an earlier time – we might be married (neither of us is).

  431. Cheryl P says:

    Yes, I am loyal like that to my family.

  432. LizM says:

    I’ve been very lucky with loyal friends and family, and I have returned that loyalty. We’ve always been there for one another.

  433. Beverly Ross says:

    I very loyal been kicked in the teeth a few times for it but also been rewarded lovingly for it! So I think it is worth it!

  434. Iris says:

    I’m loyal to everyone and it is a very difficult situation to be in…. I have similar situation and its not easy

  435. Iris R says:

    I’m very loyal to everyone and it is a very difficult situation to be in…. I have similar situation and its not easy but I want that of others towards me too.

  436. Chris W says:

    I have always been loyal to my Mom. Ever since I was a child, she was always cold and treated me like I didn’t exist. I tried my hardest to get her to accept me, but sadly she never did.

  437. Nancy L says:

    I was loyal & faithful to my husband of 30 years who died last year. And I know that he was loyal & faithful to me!

  438. Kristy Fisher says:

    Yes I have and not all experiences have been great.

  439. Kathy Reardon says:

    Yes, loyalty to my husband. He has been in and out of the hospital for 5 months. Have driven in the middle of the night to the emergency room 40 miles away, when I did not think our local hospital was helping him. He greatly appreciated my help.

  440. Stacey Smith says:

    I have stuck with my mom even if she is a drinker and is mentally ill and not always nice because she needs somebody that under stands that she is just mentally ill.

  441. Kay Kerkeslager says:

    I had girlfriend who I was close to and she was going to have a birthday party. I got the chicken pox and couldn’t go. She was very nasty to me because I did not come even though I gave her a present.

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